Pochette Question

  1. Inspired by the idea of putting an extended strap onto a pochette (which would make it more practical for me...) I am wondering what fits into a pochette.

    Specifically (perhaps I am living in a dreamland) is there any way I could fit my zippy wallet into a pochette? Anyone have both and could give this a try for me??

    thanks in advance!
  2. You might try to do a search, I am sure someone has pics posted :smile:

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  3. Thanks very much for the link to that thread. While it was very informative, I need to know specifically if a zippy wallet fits into a pochette. None of the pics in there showed that...

    Perhaps someone who has both on hand might stumble upon my thread!!

    Here's hoping!

    but thanks ladies for your responses...
  4. Oh I don't think so. A zippy is so huge! It'd take up pretty much all of the pochette.
  5. :yes:....I would get a Ludlow wallet or cles to use with a pochette.
  6. the zippy does not fit. :crybaby:
    Just got a new pomme one and I was hoping it would fit, its almost longer than the pochette!
  7. Thanks for the info!! You rock.
  8. You can fit a zippy wallet into a pochette for sure. Don't under estimate this bag, it can hold all your essentials really!
  9. I can fit my PTI in a regular pochette like mono or damier but that's pretty much it, maybe a gloss and a small compact too.........