Pochette Question

  1. I saw a pochette today that a friend's ex left behind and I thought it was fake for various reasons but couldn't be 100% sure cause it's a discontinued piece I believe. It's a mono pochette with a huge LV logo that was all colorful and whimsical. I think I saw it as someone's avatar before here too but I don't know what line it is or what year it was made and such. The reason why I think it was fake was the datecode: M51980. And the stamped fonts seemed like they were carved in with a pin or something. My gut tells me it's fake but I don't know much about this piece to say that "Oh, it's definitely fake cause of the date code" cause I thought maybe they did date codes differently in the past (like 20 years ago or something).
  2. Yeah, fake. The bad date code is enough proof.
  3. From the datecode I think you are right it's fake piece..
    I love to see what kind bag it is
  4. Sounds fake !
  5. about pochettes, does anyone know if there epi lilac is officially called lilas?
  6. so fake! most fake always have like the style number as date code.
  7. sound fake
  8. that number is the fake serial number that fakers use because they think it's the real kind! Your friend's bag is definitely fake fake fake!!!
  9. I have only seen that big, colorful LV with the hands on it on fakes. LV never made any bags with that design on them.
  10. Is this the whimsical design you're talking about? This pic is straight out of the "Funniest/Worst Fakes Ever" thread:
  11. Yes, yes, yes!

    That's the deisng on a pochette. I thought to myself the design looks right but the date code is wrong and the LV stampings (logo and stuff) were all very bad (like I said, seems like made by using a safety pin to write it on or something).

    Thanks guys! I'm asking cause once I told BF I think it's fake he went ahead to the dude and told him that his ex's bag is fake and I was mortified (cause I wasn't 100% sure it's fake and BF goes prancing around telling him it's fake, LOL). :yes: