Pochette question

  1. Can any pochette owners tell me what kind of wallets can fit into the pochette WITH a cles and cell phone also

  2. I fit my big fat French Purse, Cles with keys inside, and my cellphone in my pochette! They're pretty much jammed in there, though, but they do fit and I can pull the zipper shut.
  3. i can get my koala agenda in there with a cell and cles
  4. I'm able to fit my french purse with cles and cell ... and other times my koala, cles and cell. I also have the snapped billfold and coin purse - that easily fits with cles and cell as well.
  5. I used a ludlow when I had a pochette.
  6. i use my little diary zippy wallet
  7. My friend tried if her pochette wallet could fit in my pochette, and it does. It's not jammed in there, there is enough room, but you can't put anything else in it. That's why I think I'm gonna buy the new zippy coin purse, because I do want to carry other items with me.
  8. i have a amarante ludlow and it looks awesome with my azur pochette!:p
  9. I can get my Koala and my cell phone and keys in mine
  10. I can fit the ludlow, cles, thin camera and phone in mine.
  11. basically anything other than a zipper or a PTI will fit inside a pocheete w/ cles/cell. There won't be any room and you will need to strategically put the items in... but it will fit.
  12. I use my vernis agenda as a wallet, so that and my bulky Palm Treo, damier 6-key holder, lip gloss and a pomme cles.
  13. I have the new Zippy Coin Purse and I used it in my pochette last week! I had the Zippy Coin Purse, my cles, my actual keys, my cel phone and my camera and it all fit :smile:
  14. I am able to fit a Ludlow in the pochette along with a cles and cell phone. I think the Ludlow is best since it is lightweight and relatively slim. With those items in the pochette, I am able to fit a few lipglosses/lipsticks, mints/gum, as well. I don't like to weigh the pochette down.
  15. I either use my Ludlow, a Cles or my Mono Shine Porte Monnaie. The Compact Zippe DOES fit, but it doesn't leave much room for anything else.