Pochette query

  1. Hi, this um, classless girl at school has a pochette by vuitton. It is in the multi coloured canvas, except it is mini monogram, ie, its tiny lvs and flowers on a standard pochette. Is this a real one, has it ever been made? I can only find purple and black mini monograms in jaquard.
  2. I don't think the multicolore has ever been made in the mini-monogram. I've only ever seen the regular size monogram in mulitcolore bags.
  3. Same here, but I have only been into LV for about six months.:s
  4. No, the multi wasn't made in a miniprint. It's not real. Although it would be cute for a pochette...

  5. No, the bag was never made.

    On another note, what is up with all of these people trying to out their "friends" and "classmates" for carrying fakes on tpf? Why not just ask, "Has this bag ever been made?", as opposed to, "this um, classless girl"? It just seems so needlessly cruel and juvenile, yes fakes are gross, but for some people who don't know any better, they think it is the closest way to obtain what they see others ,whom they admire, wearing in the media or on the street. Especially if this girl is still in high school, which is what I am gathering from the tone and diction of your post.
  6. I agree with Snorks..

    And the mini multi print was only used on small accessories like the cles, carnet de bal (address book), etc.
  7. Hi, i'm really sorry for offending anyone with my comments. This girl just lords over everyone with her 'vuitton'. I still am in high school so please excuse my juvenile comments, I thought the purse forum was for all ages. Im not being mean or anything, I can see how i was juvenile, and i'm sorry.


    Ps. Thanks for the information, you guys know everything!
  8. No problem, TPF is for all ages, but members try to refrain from being unneccesarily cruel. We just want to shallowly obsess over bags.:flowers: