pochette problem!! please help

  1. hellllp!! I was just looking at my new azur pochette and I'm realizing that on the end of the strap where there's the slit for the rest of it to go through.. it seems like it will eventually tear all the way through. does anyone know what I'm saying? lol has this happened to anyone and if so did it rip? andddd if it did rip was it refunded ? sorry so many questions but this didn't happen with my damier one so I'm a little worried.
  2. I don't think it will rip all the way, I wouldn't worry. And Louis Vuitton's warranty does not cover the strap, sorry. Hope that helps! : )
  3. I think I know what you are referring too but mine has never ripped (and I cannot imagine it ripping). Sorry that I am not much help-
  4. hi! just bring it back to the LV store where you bought it and ask for an exchange. it's an expensive pouch and shouldnt happen if it's almost new. you're entitled to get your money's worth!!!
  5. my petit noe strap had a very small rip in it when i purchased it a few years back. i brought it back to the LV store in manila where i bought it and it was immediately replaced, no questions asked. they even apologized for it. not sure, though, if all stores do this. hope this helps :smile:
  6. A couple of mine look like that but they've never ripped. It's tough leather, it won't rip unless you really yank hard on the strap.
  7. ^^^^ and most people wouldnt do that :smile:
  8. Lol I know. I definitely wouldn't :push:
  9. The leather is pretty though so I don't think it'll do that
  10. thanks so much guys! i think that it should be okay because i dont carry anything heavy in there and if it does rip, well then i'll deal with it. :smile:
  11. Also, if it does, you can just buy a new strap for it :yes:
    I've been considering getting one for my Lexington since there's only one little piece of vachetta on the bag besides the strap.
  12. it's true i could easily just buy a new one. when i started the thread i was at work and i noticed it and instantly paniced and wasn't thinking straight lol.
  13. i know what you mean, i too was worried when i got my mono pochette about 7 years ago, it is my most abused purse and i always stuff it but its still ok. they are tough.
  14. I know what you mean, I'm obsessed with my pochette too... LOL
  15. Awww... sorry about that.