Pochette, Pocket Square, Gavroche, OH MY!

  1. OK guys, I need some clarification! I've been calling the 16x16 inch scarf a pocket square or on occasion a pochette. Our local H boutique always calls them a gavroche. Actually, now that I think of it, the boutique is the only place I've heard the term gavroche used.

    Clear up the muddled head of a confused old woman here: Does Hermes have a "proper" term for these scarves or is it a case of calling it what you prefer?

    Thanks in advance! :cutesy:
  2. In France the Hermes name for the scarf is the gavroche; that's the proper terminology if you want to be precise. In the US I have heard them referred to as 'pocket scarves' or 'pocket squares', but never as a pochette.
  3. Hi PP! If you check out the hermes.com website, each country's individual site has them under a different name. US is called pocket squares, France is gavroches and the UK is small pockets.

    I don't see where any are called pochettes...which is what I usually call them ;)

    Interesting...well, whatever they are called, I am totally addicted :love:
  4. Yes, when in doubt, check the H website. That's how i knew it was Twillys for the plural and not "Twillies"

    Hermes calls the pocket squares for men "pochettes" while the small neckchiefs for women "gavroches".

    Altho all 3 terms are good to go and used interchangably, I prefer Gavroche since there is talk of the Kelly Pochette (the clutch) on this board and also because gavroche has a literary eptmology which I like: it comes from the street urchin Gavroche in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables who always wore a neckerchief in the book.
  5. Aahhh.....I always call the small scarves, "Pochettes" and the big scarves, "Big Scarf" and the 70cm's, "Small Scarf". LOL!!!!! But not in front of the SA's!!!!
  6. I am thinking of getting one in this size. Are they very versatile or just to hang off your handbags?
  7. Yes, they are very versatile. I have a couple and really enjoy them. I especially like to wear them on days I take my Malts in for grooming since they would destroy a full-sized scarf when lifting them out of the car, etc. They're a great alternative and add variety to the choices. I wear an H scarf every day, so it's nice to have a variety of sizes and shapes.
  8. My store call in the US uses the term Gavroche.
    Seton,one of my favorite books is the Penguin Books translation of Les Miserables.
  9. I LOVE them, whatever they are called at the moment, LOL!
    They're super versatile if you learn the little folding trick I was taught by an SA--corner to corner, twist, flip, then tie around your neck. :tup:

    Seton, that is fascinating about Les Mis, I never put the two things together!
  10. Thanks ladies..
  11. Great info Seton! You're the BEST! I've always called them pocket squares when asking about them at "H" (US) and pochettes on this board...huh.

    I really like Gavroche tho--now, if only I knew how to pronounce it! Anyone? :p
  12. :yes: Exactly
  13. Each Store I Buy From ~ Uses The Term Gavroche .....I Have Heard Pocket Square In Stores (Actually, I Think That's Mostly Just Neimans)
  14. Pretty much like it looks: gav-roche. Gav as in "Gavin" and roche as in the candy Ferrero "Rocher" (but leave off the er when you pronounce it).

    Side note: one thing I'm enjoying about exploring Hermes is getting to use my 7+ years of junior/high school and college French again. ;)