Pochette/Pocket scarves. twilly, and regular scarves?

  1. I've been through so many photos of all the members Hermes items but I'm not really seeing a lot of Pocket scarves in action.

    Pics please!! :nuts:

    Also, I heard about a way to wrap a scarf around the handles to prevent darkening, could someone show me that too?
  2. i have some pocket squares........some are the same design.. love them...
    H pocket square1.JPG H pocket square2.JPG H pocket square3.JPG h green pocket square.JPG
  3. Ooooh! How pretty! Do you have any pics wearing them or of them in use?
  4. Liz, I dont own a Hermes Bag (yet) but I have bought 3 scarves so far and theres 2 ending tomorrow that I will be watching fiercely....
  5. hmm.. unfortunately, no not yet.. they are all in their boxes...... my H bags do not go out often.. it is raining here quite a bit (live in Seattle, WA).. so no H bags get to go out when it is raining.... I am pretty sure someone will post theirs soon..
  6. I have a pocket square and I have a silk scarf on it's way to me. But I have no clue how to wear the pocket scarf but it's just so cute! :p
  7. You can just tie it around your neck using a square knot. I love mine, well more addicted to them.
    I know there are quite a few photos of different people wearing theirs in the scarf thread.
  8. there's a recent pic in the action thread - the pocket square tied around the neck. i love the pocket squares - will probably get one some time this year (later in the year). i like the big scarves for belts/sashes or wrapped around the head. the small pochette i will use on my pearl necklace (to shorten it), around ponytails, as a cute accent on clothes here and there...
  9. I have a couple of silk pocket squares and find they are very easy to wear just knotted around the neck or knotted around a bag handle. I recently bought some Tribord scarf clips - they come in a pack of three assorted colours and they are shaped like small chain d'ancres and are a perfect size for securing a pocket scarf around your neck and makes it less likely to fall off, I'm always worried that a knot will slip and I'll lose the scarf as I don't like to knot it tightly in case a ruin the scarf. The Tibord clips are wooden but lacquered so they are glossy and bright. They use up less material of the pocket scarves too so there is a bit more material to play with, they can be a bit short. I usually fold the scarves in to the middle from diagonal opposite corners to maximise the length available. Hope this helps a bit; must get a photo up, easier to see than describe.
  10. I wear a pocket square almost every day either on my bag or as a headband. :smile:
    81E1EEF9-D6FA-C90E-A8263F67D77A8F2B.jpg Alto.jpg picotin4.jpg th_DSCN0806.jpg th_DSCN0813.jpg
  11. ^^crochetbella.. i like the way u're using scarves with your speedy!!
  12. Thanks Pinkish! :flowers:
  13. I have been collecting plisse/pochette/twilly/sacrf pics fr a while. Here are some of them.....

    First of all , a few from my collection:
    a1.jpg sr4.jpg sr3.jpg s2.jpg k1.jpg
  14. joanna:
    scarf1a .jpg scarf1b.jpg scarf3a.jpg scarf2a.jpg scarf2b.jpg