Pochette Plat?

  1. So I want to get a Pochette Plat, because I'd like something that I can throw in any of my messengers with all my essentials (lip balm, hair product, sewing kit, etc) without having to go through all the loading and unloading from one bag to the next. But I definitely do NOT want the Monogram Perfo or Monogram Charms. Antigua isn't really my style either . . . I'd prefer Damier, but I suppose I could live with Monogram Canvas. Any clue if there are any plans to introduce this, or if there are any similar items currently available / discontinued? Or if anyone has any suggestions for similar products from other brands, I'm all ears. I pretty much only follow Louis Vuitton, so I have no clue what else is out there.

    Please nothing more than a couple hundred . . . otherwise I might as well just buy a whole new bag. :P
  2. what about the pochette plate denim ?
  3. Green Perforated Pochette Plate

    I couldn't find any other pics...

  4. pictures? i have no idea what these are... i know the denim one, but not the 'pouchette plat'
  5. this is the denim one:
  6. oh! thanks.

    i like the denim one. but i don't know if it would be practical. ????
  7. yes i think its practical. i saw it and it have a lot place to put things on it
  8. the Poche Toilette 26 is nice.
  9. Those are cute! What a nice sized bag/pouch!