Pochette or Papillion!? HELP MEEE! :)

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  1. Hi to all the wonderful TPFers!

    I'm in sort've a dilemma. I can't choose between the pochette or papillion? :confused1:

    to all the pochette owners out there, is there anything i should know? is the size TOO small? how much is it to replace the strap?

    to all the papillion owners out there, is there anything i should know? is it annoying to carry sometimes because of it's round shape?

    to everyone else, which design do you prefer? i have a batignolles horizontal and i realized it's too big so i'm switching to a smaller bag.

    i'm debating on whether or not to get a used papillion 26 for $200 (straps are almost brown and hardware has peeled a bit) or a pochette on ebay. i WAS going to bid on several pochettes but I somehow kept missing the auctions!!! The most recent one ended for $122 and it was fairly new and authentic! :sad: With my luck, I will probably end up paying around $150 :sad:

    so please let me know! i appreciate all comments from members of this forum! :yahoo:
  2. Hello,there..i think pochette would be too small for you.Papillo is also a great choice,if it's me i would choose 30 size.It's a bit roomy bag you can carry something more inside than 26 and pochette.So good luck..i have before Mc white and black pochette,but already sold!!!.Probably Mc pochette is also a good choice for you.Good luck!!!
  3. I think you should get the papillon, it would be ideal for an evening or day to day bag if you don't carry much. Plus the style is so classic and timeless particularly to LV.
  4. I think this depends on how much you want to carry with you...check the clubhouses for photos, or do a search.
  5. I have a pochette and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But I use it inside my purse, to hold all my "other" stuff like my papers and receipts and just all the crap that would normally be on the bottom of my bag. I also use it when I only want to carry a few things as a clutch. I think it is too small to use as an everyday bag.
  6. Papillion!
  7. Get a Papillon, but think about getting the 30. It's really not huge, but still roomy plus you get the cute little baby pap too!
  8. I think Papillon is much better, you can fit a lot more in it. I have both and I don't use my Pochette much b/c it is so small.
  9. I would go for the Pap too.
  10. I would go for the papillion. I think the pouchette is a little to small for an everyday bag.
  11. The Pochette can surprisingly hold a lot! I say go for the Pochette!
  12. I LOVE my pochettes! I'm not a huge fan of the Papillions, but they are cute!

    I say POCHETTE!!:tup:
  13. Pap 30, wish I still had mine :sad:
  14. Get the papillon!!! By the way, $150 is a good price for an authentic pochette in great condition!
  15. I like the Papillon! :tup: