Pochette or no pochette? Advice please!

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  1. I'm looking to treat myself a little (LV is better than an Easter egg right?!) and I am looking to get a pre loved Pochette. I want something small enough to put the contents of my pockets in (keys,phone,LV wallet,a little make up) & was wondering of your opinions on the practicality on them? The only slight thing that niggles me is the length of strap.Is it possible to buy a longer strap to put on?Would it look silly? Also has anyone had dealings with Vestaire collective, good or bad,how long it takes to get your bag when it has to be authenticated etc? Tia. :smile:
  2. I haven't used Vestaire but I've looked at the site often.
    I've got a pochette NM and I brought a pre-loved LV strap from eBay and use the bag crossbody all the time, I find it really useful.
  3. Thanks.If it were a crossbody it would be perfect! Have my eye on a couple of Takashi Murakami Cherry Pochettes... Always loved the cute cherry design!
  4. I managed to buy a Takashi Murakami Cherry Pochette yesterday for £145! Can't wait for it to arrive!
  5. Very pretty. I love the cherry!
  6. Thanks! Seller just sent me the tracking so it will be here before 1pm tomorrow. Also tracked down a red dustbag for £22! Now I need a reasonable shoulder strap...