Pochette OR Koala Wallet / POMME or AMRANTE

  1. Which one will you prefer? What colour?
  2. Koala wallet in pomme. love that red, it's simply hot!!!
  3. I have the Koala in Amarante, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have the Pomme in the French Purse and it gets a lot of compliments. I also have the Pochette in Mono and it is the most functional. Of the three Koala Amarante is my favorite!!!
  4. Pochette in Pomme. I have a Pochette in Mono and it's so easy to use. I love the Pochette in Pomme, so delicious.
  5. Pochette or Koala wallet in Amarante :yes: But personally I think the Pochette is more functional.
  6. I like the pochette wallet best and I'd choose the pomme.
  7. I prefer the Pochette wallt in Amarante.
  8. i also think that pochette is more functional. you can just stuff all your money, receipt, and cards in the slots. can't decide which looks better though, amarante or pomme. both are gorgeous!
  9. just bought the vernis pomme koala wallet, love it, but saw on eLuxury that they have a Monogram Vernis Porte-Tresor International with Ten Slots for $100 less. do i order it and return my koala or keep koala. thanks
  10. Pomme Koala
  11. I like the Pomme Pochette. :yes:
  12. I love my pochette in Pomme:love:
    bday9.jpg bday10.jpg
  13. Pomme koala. I am carrying this one right now and it's gorgeous. Unlike the amarante, it doesn't show every single fingerprint and smudge.


  14. Definitely pochette in pomme. I actually prefer the look of amarante, but it's entirely impractical for something you're touching so often- just by handling one at a boutique I got nasty fingerprints all over it :sad: And I'm not one to have unclean hands.
  15. Pomme Pochette Wallet!!!!