Pochette or HL?

  1. Hey girls...

    I decided the Multicolore would be my first LV purchase... but, my question is... would the Pochette or HL [Mini-Speedy] be better? Size-wise, either is fine.


    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. the pochette! the mini hl is cute but too small and inpractical for everyday imo. you will get much more use out of the pochette.

    go to the boutique and try both and see wha tyou like.
  3. i'd say go with the pochette......i think it's somewhat cuter with the stud detailing, and the HL, although great as an accessories pouch, looks a little odd to me as a stand alone bag by itself....and i also think the full-sized MC monogram looks a little odd on the HL....like they don't have enough of it on there :P.....now if they had the HL with the mini monogram like they do on the MC wallets i'd be in love :smile:
  4. The pochette is very trendy...I think the speedy only looks good in 25 or 30.
  5. Pochette! But if you decide to go with mini HL get the long strap to go with it.:biggrin:
  6. Pochette is much more practical, but the mini hl is pretty handy like LV_addict said, with a longer strap (to be worn cross body).
  7. For practicability, go with the pouchette. For cuteness, go with the HL. I have the mini sac HL in monogram and I only use it when I need to go somewhere fast w/o my usual bag. I only carry my small wallet, keys, cell and a chapstick in my HL.
  8. Although the HL is cute, it is a big nuisance to get things in and out of. Also, the handles are so small that it is uncomfortable to carry. I have both bags (incl. the long shoulder strap) and I use the pochette way more.
  9. pochette... no question ask !!
  10. Pochette hands down!!!!
  11. pouchette =D
  12. Pochette
  13. Pochette! mini sac looks like it's more for children, IMO
  14. Hands down the pochette! The mini sac really has very limited use. I have a mono one and I don't even know where it is now, prolly somewhere shoved into the corner of a packing box. It also looks silly when carried around, IMO and I've never carried mine as a purse exclusively. When I used it, it was for bits and pieces like floss and mints and always inside my larger handbag. Or u could use it as a makeup pouch but that's about it. It's cute, yes, but the novelty only lasts so long.
  15. pochette no contest. HL looks so teensy and weird for an adult to carry. really cute on kids though. hehe.