Pochette or Eva?

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  1. hi Friends :smile:

    i'm thinking of getting a small pochette so that i can use it as a small bag inside my bag for misc things such as nail file, lipstick, coupons, kleenex, candies etc etc...
    so i'm looking into a preloved pochette... hoping to also use it as a wristlet occasionally...
    i'm not a small bag girl, i have a trotteur (discontinued now, its like a baby version of cabas mezzo & piano but its small and has a shoulder strap to be worn crossbody). i rarely use my trotteur, only find myself reaching for it when i was heavily pregnant and really dont wanna be bothered with a handbag.

    so i was thinking if i should get a preloved mono pochette or preloved de eva?
    - eva is almost double the price of a pochette (preloved)
    - both can be used inside bag & as a wristlet
    - eva has a plate so more prone to scratches & tarnish
    - eva has option to be worn crossbody but i'm afraid the strap would be too long for me (i'm 5'2.5 short)

    thanks for your help :heart:
  2. please take price into consideration as i really wouldnt be using a small bag as a handbag much.... its more like a makeup/accessories bag
  3. I think pochette would be better for using inside another bag and as a wristlet.
  4. thanks :smile:
  5. The pochette also has more structure so it's easier to get in and out of... the Eva is rather flimsy and flops around if you don't have much inside it (no seams at the bottom).
  6. hmm...true true, thank you for your advice :smile:
  7. Pochette :smile: and if you can afford it , get the new one :smile:
  8. I would go for the pochette, if you can afford it go for the new style too! It's easy than the Eva and with the Eva I feel you worry about the plate on the front :smile:
  9. is it worth getting a new one? i just cant bring myself to spend that much on a makeup case... and especially back in my teens when almost every girl had a pochette as a handbag and it was so much less then than it is now... :thinking:
  10. i like eva alot but with 2 small kiddos we barely rarely have a night out... :sad:
  11. oh hehe wanted to add that i wanna fly under the radar and buy online (evil bay)... i've been buying so much lately, i dont want my dh to freak out and put me on a purseban
  12. I chose the new style over the old one and I like the fact that it's bigger and has an inner pocket, the longer strap is good for casual days /nights out if you don't want a massive bag? There's always the toiletry pouch?
  13. thanks!! :smile: i'm not choosing the toiletry pouch becoz i still want the option of using it as a wristlet if i need to. gonna watch your pochette video now :biggrin:
  14. pochette
  15. pochette definitely!! no hesistation with that response. The Eva is too classy to hide in a bag with make-up.