Pochette or Beverly Clutch

  1. Big price difference. Different look. But you can only get one bag. Which one? Pochette or Beverly Clutch.

    Thanks so much for your opinion! I truly respect it!
  2. hmmmmmmm. i would pick beverly, but maybe because i like the look best!
  3. ^^ Me too, I would suggest Beverly:yes:
  4. the Beverly! it's a real bag :yes:
  5. I love the look of Beverly more than a regular Pochette. BUT...I think that the huge hardware piece on Beverly would scratch SOOO easyly. I asked one of the SAs at my local store and she said that it would scratch, too. But I guess any bag would scratch eventually, right?
  6. I would get the pochette and save the rest of the money for a bigger bag- perhaps the next size Beverly?

    It also depends on your collection. If you have other bags and just need a clutch, then a Beverly would be ok too.

    Personally, I only get use out of clutch size bags for going out. For formal night I wouldn't wear mono and casual nights I would be worried about wrecking the Beverly. A pochette works great for that.
  7. I would get the Beverly Clutch .... it is way more fashionable in my opinion. :love:
  8. The Beverly Clutch! It's so elegant and not as common as the regular pochette! I can't stand tiny bags at all and I'd never use the Beverly Clutch with the strap. I can see using it for evenings out or special events as a clutch. I LOVE IT!
  9. beverly clutch!!!
  10. I would get the pochette bc it is cheaper! Then you have more money for another bag
  11. I like the pochette! You'll save money, but it'll still look super cute! I'm all about saving my pennies lol.
  12. I say go for the beverly clutch!
  13. if you got the money, then I would go for the beverly clutch.
  14. if you got the money, i will also go for the beverly clutch now. otherwise, probably buy the pochette mono now, ( if not monogram, maybe azur pochette??) and save money to buy the next size beverly ( mm) later.....
  15. Beverly Clutch!