Pochette Onatah on Elux

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  1. Already sold out!!
  2. Still in stock ?

    Aww.. I want one.
  3. Ayla-
    If you call the main Louis Vuitton #-they have them and can send them to you-I was going to order last week...but after 3 bag purchases(2 Prada,and a dior Gaucho).....I stopped myself!
  4. Is it me or does that see like an awful lot of money for a rather small bag???
  5. ^^^ I think so.
  6. They don't at least keep a photo of it up even if it's out of stock? I want to see what it looks like....
  7. ^^^
  8. ^^ Have I told you lately, that I love you? *sings cheesy Rod Stewart song* :shame: :P

    The pochette is so cute! I love it in orange.
  9. Ah my bank account is stopping me from making any rash purchases ! :shame:
  10. Tell me about it-I just got the Dior Gaucho tote delivered and I am somewhat disappointed....Its small!
  11. I got my Fleur PM yesterday nite!!! ... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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  12. Superbaby- that is so pretty. How do you like the size?
  13. I *LOVE* the bag...

    but i have to admit its so small. I used it like a pochette. Just dump my credit cards, cash and some cosmetics. Thats all it fits...
  14. Bagpuss, is that your cat on your avatar?
    SOOOOOO cute... I *love* your cat