Pochette: Mono OR DE???? Help me choose!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!!
    We are driving out to a mall tomorrow that has 2 Louis Vuitton boutiques and yes they are open on Easter Sunday!! I am going to be buying a Pochette but I am having a difficult time deciding between Mono or DE. Please tell me which you would choose and why! Pictures would be very helpful! Thanks so much for your input! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459043539.441031.jpg
  2. That's such a personal preference. Some people just naturally gravitate twds one or the other; so follow your gut. The DE is more carefree b/c you don't have to worry about the vachetta patina-ing, which for some that is a big concern. Others love the look as the patina ages. It also may depend on if you have other pieces in your collection that you are looking to match, or want to have a different print as a stand out piece. Honestly, just follow your heart on this one & you'll make the right choice :smile:
  3. I pick monogram. But one hand the red interior of the DE is amazing.
  4. I can't make a decision!! I love them both!! LOL. I am leery about the whole vachetta thing with weather etc.... But I just love mono!!!! I know DE is more carefree and looks newer longer. Sigh!!!!
  5. thank you!!!!! I love monogram! The only thing that gets me is having to be so careful with the vachetta until it patinas. But there isn't much vachetta on a Pochette so I'm torn!!!
  6. I am on my second in DE. I received the NM as a Christmas gift because I loved my old one so much, but wanted the inside pocket and longer strap. I have all DE and leather bags because I worry too much about vachetta. DE is just so carefree!
  7. Thanks Coach Bag!!! I stress over vachetta too! I keep telling myself there isn't much vachetta on this but I will be using this in all kinds of weather not just on sunny days! I hate decisions because all the prints are so beautiful!!!
  8. Go with the monogram!!! Monogram is a classic, signature look and it is timeless... you can always replace the vachetta strap if it patinas over time... Best of luck and wishing you much joy with your new purchase!!

  9. Not much vachetta, but it is also a handle that is hand-held for the most part. I just can't do vachetta! But you really can't go wrong with this..
  10. I'd go with DE and get a crossbody chain from K-Craft to make it a quick and easy bag.

    Honestly, it's all preference. I'm a DE girl. I love it. I always gravitate toward it. Choose the one you like most. There's not much vachetta on the monogram so it's not really any issue I think.

    Good luck! Have fun shopping
  11. I have it in monogram and the Eva in DE
  12. De :smile:
  13. I love the classic monogram, although I agree with the vachetta argument. I feel that DE is somehow not my cup of tea, and prefer the floral pattern of monogram.
  14. I have both, but find I use de more.
  15. Damier Ebene I think you'll get more use out of! :smile:
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