Pochette MM

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  1. I have decided that this is the next purchase on my list, can anyone pretty please post some pics??? :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:How much can it handle ie how much can i stuff into it. I am so excited i order a LAMB Gwen Stefani rainbow bag,:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: and it will be here next week, and i wanted something bright and fun to go with it, aka Multicolour.

    Thank you in advance:p:yes::p
  2. I have some photos of my black MC MM but they are watermarked with my eBay name, don't think I ought to post those.

    It is so large the zipper was stuck on a card turned sideways yesterday. Annoying! Even the small front pocket can hold credit card sized cards comfortably.

    My MM has about ten cards and five speedy keys in the front pocket and about five cards in the small pocket. It can hold my small cell phone as well. I bought it as a card holder and it REALLY does the job well!

    I love it, still like it best of all the MC pieces in the catalog. Clashes horribly with damier though. SA must have thought I had terrible taste as I bought a Saleya MM eben at the same time.
  3. Does this help?
    I use it for credit cards and receipts (all the things that don't fit into my already ENORMOUS Mono Zip-Around wallet.)
  4. oohhh thanks.... does anyone have pics of the white MC???
  5. ps is there a sequence to the colours of the LV or is it just random and pot luck for me??
  6. pot luck with the colors for everyday use it would better to the get black mc white gets really dirty real fast
  7. its a cool size!
  8. There is a sequence of colors for LV multicolor, definitely. Surely there is a reference thread about it. There are 9 sequential colors of LV emblems and 33 total colors over the items. Some may not be big enough to have all colors on each bag but they do occur in a specific order, no randomness at all to them.
  9. Gorgeous- and all ready to go to DC. Have fun on your trip with your beautiful goodies! Love the MM!