Pochette MM or Wapity???

  1. I want a new little something for just running out to the store without the kitchen sink, so I was wondering if I should be getting a MC wapity or a MC pochette MM? (I NEED something in MC too.;) )

    Is it better to have a key snap or the wrist strap?

    (And NO, I cannot have both!:p )
  2. I say Wapity, it holds more and is more functional!
  3. I say go for the Wapity as well. :yes:
  4. Wapity!
  5. That is kind of what I was leaning towards but then I thought that I could clip the pochette to my keys... or to the inside of another bag... choices choices!:nuts:
  6. I like the wapity too !!!
  7. wapity (even though the print on my wapity started to rub off :crybaby: :wtf:)...........it is SO cute IRL
  8. I say wapity
  9. I like the wapity.
  10. That scares me!!!
  11. Oh good, I get to be the lone vote for Pochette MM! I have the black one and I keep it inside my regular purse to hold credit cards and receipts. My wallet is fat enough already and this keeps all the debit/credit stuff safe and self-contained. I LOVE it!

    Now, will it work for you the way you want it to? I can't say. I'm a big purse, carry-everything-you-need girl, so its hard for me to say how well this will work for grab 'n go. But, I think it is wonderful and far more attractive than the Wapity (which I think looks a little boxy and boring.) If all you need is a card or two, some wadded up cash and a key? Go for the Pochette MM!
  12. I had both. black mc pochette mm and white mc wapity. mcs on my wapity started rubbing off too. I think if you hang your car keys to the pochette mm it'll be too heavy, like when you're driving. I liked both the sizes. I could fit cash, cards, and my phone in both. Pochette mm was a good size to hold lots of ccs and cash. I think wapity is more practical and functional though especially with the wrist strap.
  13. Wapity! I love mine!
  14. I have to go for the pochette too. It looks cuter to me- no offense to the wapity
  15. I'd go with the wapity. I think it would hold things better :yes: