Pochette Mini or Eva?

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  1. I think I'm now addicted...I got my first LV like 8 years ago...but now that I've recently made a purchase, I can't stop browsing online and feel the need to buy more and more!

    Anyway, I want to get a mini pochette or the eva clutch for more formal nights out (Christmas parties, NYE parties, weddings, etc). Which one do you think goes with more things, and what canvas should I get? I love the DA Eva clutch, but would the mono canvas go with more? Also, can you use any of them with a little black dress? I already have a cherry blossom pochette and DE Speedy...so that's why I was leaning toward the DA so I'd have 1 in each type of canvas. Thoughts?
  2. I love my Eva!! I think the chain strap and the plate on the front really dress it up, but I love the crossbody strap to make it more casual. Plus, I love that the Eva can hold more than you would think. As far as the print, I have mine in DE, but I think that both the DE and DA are equally as formal where as the monogram is a little more casual. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. I have the Eva in ebene and mono, but I seem to use the ebene for dressy occasions while I use the mono for casual days out. The azur Eva is also a good choice. Good luck deciding!
  4. I have the Eve in DE as well, and I use it for both dressy (a wedding this weekend at the Biltmore Estate in NC) and casual (trips, concerts) with the crossbody strap. It holds more than the mini pochette, and it's a gorgeous bag!
  5. Def the Eva :heart:
  6. eva.
  7. Eva!!!! I just got mine and I'm obsessed!
  8. Eva! The mono print is too casual though for fancier nights out in my opinion. I like DA!
  9. Eva!
  10. eva in ebene goes great with black. or favorite is my preferred choice :P
  11. Not to go along with the crowd but I suggest the Eva. I have it in mono and it has been used everyday since I got it. Good luck deciding.
  12. I have both and I love the Eva most !
    I give my mini Pochette to my 7yo ;)
    But, Eva meet your needs !!! You'll
    definitely enjoy her more than mini !
  13. Definitely Eva!! I have it in DE and used it to all kinds of parties, dressy or casual! And I do usually use it with a little black dress! :smile: GL deciding! :smile:
  14. Eva! I love my DA and contemplating on getting mono!
  15. eva . mono.