Pochette Metis! Yay or Nay?!

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  1. Hi all! I'm debating on selling my Menilmontant PM to fund this Pochette Metis. Yes? No? I'm hoping I can get at least half of it but I really love and want this bag now! Should I go ahead and purchase and try to sell the Menilmontant later? How does the Metis look on me? Any advice, pros/cons on Pochette Metis will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

  2. Yay!!!! Love it. :hbeat:
  3. I love my Metis P it's such a classy little bag. And I think it looks great on you! Only you know though if it's worth it to you to sell another bag to fund it.
  4. I have only positive things to say about the pochette metis. Great bag. I use mine all the time and it transitions well from day to evening wear, casual to dressy. Love it!
  5. The pochette Metis looks great on you. Have you tried the larger Metis. I have that one and love it.
  6. I like both I really like the pochette métis but I also love the menilomantant either way you can't lose
  7. It looks gorgeous on you
  8. It looks beautiful on you. I'd buy it before the increase if you decide that you do want it.
  9. Looks beautiful on u!! Get it and show us! Hehe :smile:
  10. yay!!! looks awesome on you!!!
  11. yay :smile:
  12. I think it looks perfect on you! I agree with OP, buy before the increase. I have wanted this bag since last summer and did not get it before the LAST increase.... it went up over $100 and now I am kicking myself!
  13. Definitely yay! I LVoe my PM. You can carry the PM with the handle, cross body or over the shoulder and I love the lock detail.....I don't have any cons on this bag at all....I think it looks great on you. I've never really liked the style of the Menilmontant....
  14. Yay :tup:
  15. Yes! I love this bag! I wore mine over the weekend.. Comfortable, smaller but can hold my daily essentials.