Pochette Metis VS twice/twinset HELP!

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  1. Hello lovely ladies ( and gentlemen) of the forum,
    I am looking into purchasing a cross body bag and am torn between the pochette metis and the twice, which has been discontinued, but regardless i am looking to buy one of these babies pre loved.

    is there anyone who has them, can you tell me what you feel are your pros/cons of each?
    i carry a tote for work which i haul all of my stuff around in, but on the weekends i tend to travel " lighter" so i don't need as big of a bag. I think the pochette metis would hold more that the twice.... but i do think the twice would get the job done. I'm torn! please let me know your thoughts, and post pictures if you can.
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  2. I've had both and love the twice for weekends. Fits a mini pochette for my makeup etc and a full size wallet, phone and key case. Comfortable too!
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  3. I have a mono PM and two Twice! I use my Twice more often because it is smaller and carries the perfect amount! I have a mono/noir and an empreinte noir. Both were purchased pre-loved and in excellent condition.

    I usually carry my cles, rosalie, a small tylenol cylinder, Samsung Galaxy s8, and lip balm.

    I used my Twice on a trip to England last year and it was the perfect bag for travel. I carried the above plus our tickets, travel insurance and passports in the hidden pocket.

    Highly reccomend the Twice/Twinset!
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  4. Some comparison photos:

    20180911_175028.jpg 20180911_175040.jpg 20180911_175051.jpg
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  5. I have both bags as well and absolutely love love love the twice. It will forever be in my collection. It fits my zippy compact wallet, mini pochette, Chanel 6 key, Chanel card case, and iPhone 7 + in a hitch. Perfect bag for weekend and travel
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  6. There could be a pretty considerable cost difference between the two and if your items will fit in the twice, it seems like that could be a great option. I am actually in the process of grabbing one myself and also have a metis. I think they are going to fit different needs for me but I think you can’t go wrong with either. You’ll just save quite a bit more with the twice :smile:
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  7. I own both and by far I use my twice the most. I have the pm noir and twice noir. I actually feel guilty not using the pm more and I have to force myself lol
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  8. I don’t have the Pochette Metis but own the Twinset in Empreinte. Love the Twinset for traveling. It sit closer to the body due its flatter structure. Not attracted to PM as it reminds me of a mini briefcase.
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  9. I have both of these bags and I love them both. I carry my Twice for events where where I am carrying very little and every time I use it I am surprised at how well it works for me! I had considered selling it but I carried it again and decided I can't part with it. I have the mono/noir and it has no vachetta so it will be beautiful forever. I would suggest you consider the Twice as it seems to be slightly more affordable. It is comfortable and works so well for crossbody carry. The thin strap is the best! It is a beautiful bag! Good luck with your decision.
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  10. Wow! Thanks everyone’s. I was al,ost sure that everyone would be voting for the pochette metis. But most of you are saying the twice!
    I was going towards the twice myself, but a good friend of mine has the pochette metis in both mono and emprinte Andy lives and swears by it!
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  11. Thanks! Yes I’ve seen a few on eBay, definitely less expensive I think I may have to stick with my gut Andy go with the twice!
  12. I was looking at the empiente in the twice. That’s what I’d really like to get!
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  14. You're very welcome! Good luck and post a photo when you get it!
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  15. Thank you so much for your review!
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