Pochette Metis vs. Palm Springs Mini Backpack

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  1. Thoughts on this one? I already have the Pochette Metis but keep looking at the Palm Springs Mini. I really don't need both, so which one would you pick?
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  2. Would love to hear thoughts on this as well, I'm considering the same thing!
  3. I have both and they are, in my opinion, totally different bags. I love both bags for different reasons, the Palm Springs mini holds a lot for me and is super easy to get in and out of. It is a really fun and unique style and I always get complements when I'm wearing it. The Pochette Metis is also super cute but I feel like it is a more traditional style than the Palm Springs mini. It's unique as well (my kids love how it looks like a mini briefcase) but the Palm Springs mini seems to be more trendy to me. If I had to choose one that I knew I wanted to use long term I would probably choose the Pochette Metis. Not because I necessarily like it more but rather because I feel as if it's a tad bit less trendy. That's just my opinion! I love both bags and I don't think you could go wrong with either
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  5. I have both and agree they are different but worth having both....I can just get my Sarah wallet in ps and can fit a few more things....the PM can pretty much fit the same.....i use both of these bags for running errands but they are too small for me as an every day bag.....I use the ps backpack as over the shoulder , rarely cross body..same for PM.....I would definitely recommend the ps backpack!
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  6. I have both and honestly I feel both serve different purpose for me. PS backpack is a casual day bag for me and I use it as a backpack more than crossbody and pochette metis is structured so I keep it semi-casual and love how much it fits. Don't get me wrong PS backpack also fits almost the same. If you can, have both in your collection, but if I have the choice of keeping only one then I think I will go with pochette metis just because I think the style won't fade away whereas PS backpack might get outdated. Hope you can make right decision for you and if you have already, share with us what you decided : )
  7. I think they are quite different and I like both, but if I had to pick just one bag I'd probably pick the Pochette Metis - I love the classic/vintage look of it, the layout and how versatile it is
  8. PS wins for me. I find it's very trendy and cute, and holds a lot of things. It is not heavy, and I love the black trims on th monogram. Everytime I wear it, I got lots of compliments and lots and stares. And I love hanging Pom Pom charms on them. The back is padded and super soft, and the style and handcraft is so dainty. I also enjoy wearing it crossbody and as a backpack. Good luck with your design. I have the monogram one, but also think the reverse monogram is really unique and special as well.
  9. I wound up selling the Pochette Metis and bought the PS Mini backpack. So glad I did, especially because of the two price increases that occurred after my purchase! I use it a lot, especially on weekends and find it holds a lot more than it looks like it would :smile:
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  10. Congrats! :smile: You'll love it! I take mine to Disneyland and the bag checkers mention that this tiny bag is "deceptively" bigger than it looks, lol. :tup:
  11. I'm thinking about selling my pm as well but not sure which selling platform to go with, do you mind sharing where you sold yours? Its such a beautiful bag but since I have a few boy bags I have no need for the pm anymore.

    I am considering purchasing the reverse mono backpack mini, that will be my designated Disneyland bag lol. Are you able to fit a regular sized water bottle inside? Are the zippers smooth or stiff? Tia.
  12. I used eBay, had no problem selling it either :smile:
  13. Thanks so much, I'll look into selling on ebay.
  14. Good luck!!
  15. Thank you, I also submitted a quote to couture USA, my feedback on eBay is 100% for 100+ transactions, but most are from me as a buyer. Hopefully everything works out,