Pochette Metis vs Noe bb

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  1. Hi folks, I recently sold my pochette Metis to help fund the purchase of a Chanel jumbo. I'm now in the position to rebuy the Metis but am not sure whether to buy that or a noe bb? I had the Metis for a year and never used it. I have tried on the Noe bb and love it too! My only other LV bag is a speedy b 30. I prefer cross body bags. Your advice on which one to get would be much appreciated!
  2. You had the Metis before and it wasn't being used - a good indicator that it didn't meet the needs of your lifestyle or that you didn't love it as much as you thought you would - and the newer ones being released have seemingly been plagued with issues. The Noe is not only cute as a button but the design will add diversity to your collection so it has my vote.
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  3. Thank you, yes I agree the Noe is different to my other bags! Speedy has a zip and my 2 Chanel are flaps so the drawstring adds something different!
  4. I'm voting for Noe bb too. It's just too cute!
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  5. Noe bb! I love this for a small bag. Really really cute.
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