pochette metis sadness

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  1. Oh no that makes me sad!
  2. Ahhh I’m back to square one. No idea what bag to get lol
  3. Neverfull! that bag has the least issue, that being said, I sold all of mine, just way too many people carrying it make me don't want to wear it, sigh. :biggrin:
  4. I have a neverfull mm and it’s my great travel bag/when I need to haul everything around. But I normally am more gravitated towards small bags
  5. OP, what was your manufacturing date of your PM?
    I got my monogram PM in October (made in August 2018) and so far so good. I baby it though and only wear it every now and then. I don’t overload it either as I’m scared it could get damaged...
    I wouldn’t know what to do if mind would peel or break. I think I’d get the empreint version instead...
  6. cross body bag tend to wear out faster than satchel or shoulder bags. Believe it or not, I found bum bag (old models) wears easy and has less wear if you don't need to carry a lot.
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  7. I bought mine in the summer and she was made in March 2018. I only remember because she was made the same month my daughter was born so I thought that was cute. Wanted to pass the bag into her with that fact but sadly defects ☹️
  8. My neverfull and Infrarouge PM are pretty much my daily bags. I did have glaze issues about 10 months in which they offered to replace or fix and I told them they’d better fix my baby and give her back. LOL. My neverfull has about 7 years of wear and tear and I’ve loved every moment of every scratch and peel that the leather has earned (the canvas is still perfect).

    I earned ‘em and I love them and I prefer to enjoy every $ I spent on them.
  9. I had my reverse for 2 years and had it repaired 3 times. Glazing issues. Latest was cracking! Unfortunately last week I departed from it and retrieved store credit. I really did love the bag :sad:
  10. I know PM have lots of issues, I also have issues with my PM. I sold it but I repurchase because I just love the bag.. Hopefully mine is ok now. Mine is quite new and I only use it around 7 to 10 times.
    I had issues with my Palm Spring mini. At first is the fraying issues, after sent for repair, months later become cracking issues. So I send it back to LV and they give store credit. I miss my Palm Spring mini, but now not anymore. I found a very nice replacement.. Clapton backpack.. Try this one, you will love it. More spacious and not so many people use it.
    In place where I live, I saw so many ladies carry PSM.. I wonder why my SA said that bag is so hard to get but so many ladies have it. :smile:
  11. Has anyone bought an empreinte PM? Are there any glazing issues with the recently produced ones?
  12. I have one in black that I got in June 2017 and have no problems whatsoever ...knock on wood...
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  13. That’s good news.