pochette metis sadness

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  1. heard about the recall, thought "well I waited a year to get the bag luckily mine is the newest version" went to check and saw the glazing starting to peel off as well as the strap peeling....took it into lv and they immediately gave me a credit note. I only had the bag since the summer and babied it. currently on the list for another pochette and also on list for the Palm Springs mini. would you repurchase?
  2. I got mine in august, have only used it three times and noticed that one of the leather loops holding the top handle part is WAY too thin and makes really big wrinkles in the handle. Should I do something or keep waiting?
  3. I’d definitely take it in to see what they can do. I wouldn’t want it to get worse which is why I took mine in ASAP
  4. If mines gets this I will repurchase because I genuinely loooooove and use the bag that much! If you’re questioning, then maybe that is your answer...
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  5. Just curious, do you guys really use your bags? I meant yeah we buy bags for using them but, I don't really load my expensive bags stuff them or carry any heavy loads, I use other $100 to $300 bags for that purpose, all my expensive bags (even many of my inexpensive bags) are always like new or like brand new, don't have any issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm just wondering if these peelings or damages are from heavier loads or what.
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  6. I really do use mine! But I am mindful... The appeal of LV to me is that I really can use use it and it lasts forever or can be repaired, unlike my bargain bags. I had an expensive Frye tote start to unstitch at the handles and I have to find an independent leather repair person, but my nf is still pristine despite even more heavy use.
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  7. Agree, NF is one of the best designed LV bags. and I like Frye too, good leather bags and shoes.
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  8. I use my neverfull and it shows. But I babies my pochette. She was use MAYBE once a week cause I didn’t want problems. Never left her in the sun. She still had problems
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that! Did you mostly wear it crossbody?
  10. Yes I agree I’m questioning it so doubtful I will repurchase. I had the Palm Springs mini it had problems so I sold and now think about it all the time so who knows lol
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  11. Palm Springs' issues are much more severe.
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  12. I stayed away from the pochette Metis for years due to all the issues. I just got one in empreinte leather (read somewhere that there was no issues with empreinte leather ones) and I love the bag. Plus empreinte leather is so soft (it took me years to get used to empreinte leather). I really love it, I'm thinking of buying a second one :biggrin:
  13. The mini back pack are prone to issues as well.. wear from the zipper runnning under the top of the bag, including bad cracking. Also top handle if you carry too much weight it can come apart from the bag. I don't like back packs and love my pm with no issues so far
  14. I've been using mine since December. No. I don't load it up all the way because I hate carrying too much weight when I'm out and about. I don't baby it either. We'll see what happens over time. It's too soon to tell for me.
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  15. I had the emperient pm and had issue they took it back and I was issue a credit. I got the Ponthieu instead. Not interested in the pm issues.
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