Pochette Métis Quandry

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  1. Brought home a new Mono print with Love locks on it. I thought I loved it but now I’m lusting for the red empriente. Should I exchange. What do you think about red bags. Thx.
  2. If your heart sings for the red then you should def get the red or you will always think about... The red. ;)
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  3. I think red bags are hot. :nuts: If you have to think about it, you should go for it.
  4. I would definitely let go of that ugly “love lock” mess and buy the bag in EmprEInte leather instead. Red is a gorgeous, classic handbag color.
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  5. As much as it saddens and pains me, I’m gonna have to go with the consensus on this one and vote for the Empriente Leather one as well. The love lock is “interesting” to be nice, but not seeing the value in a bag that is more expensive than its leather counterpart because it has a bunch of foil silk screened on it? Empriente for the win! Bonus: it smells great too!
  6. I think you should exchange. Just get the one that you feel like :smile:
  7. Red
  8. The RED Empreinte :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Another vote for the RED Empreinte :heart:
  10. Red
  11. Reddddd woohooo
  12. Scarlet Empreinte is gorgeous! ♥️
  13. Definitely the red! I love using a red bag!
  14. Red. Emp leather is wonderful, and I don't care for the Love Locks.
  15. Red empreinte