Pochette Metis Quality

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  1. Hi!

    A few weeks ago, I brought my 4 month old Pochette Metis in for repair after I noticed the glazing was starting to peel.

    I just got a call today that it is not repairable and they will offer me an exchange. The problem is there is a 50 people wait list for this bag.

    I am also worried that if I were to get another Pochette Metis that the same thing will happen as it seems to be a common problem.

    Please give me any suggestions on any other styles that are relatively similar. Cross body, exterior pocket (preferably zipped), with a handle and can be casual or dressed up.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Check out the Croisette or speedy b. Sorry the pochette Metis didn't work out for you. It's such a beauty. I just got mine.
  3. Oh no! Which of the releases was this then? 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Is it the 4th that is out now?
    Reason I am asking is because I know the 1st release had issues, but was hoping it got better with each moderation and re release of the bag, as I have been thinking about acquiring one..
    Hope you find your dream bag. So sorry this happened to you! I would try and get a new one, and ask them to bump you up bc you already got one from them and this is a fault on their side (or else they wouldn't have offered you an exchange like that without questions) good luck!!!

  4. Where did the glazing peel at? And what year is it? The reason I'm asking cause I had one of the first production ones and had the glazing issues from the hardware hitting the corner wearing crossbody.,
  5. Have you tried looking on the website? I got one delivered this week but it is really uneven so I got on today and just ordered another! I don't know why there's such a wait but I ordered 2 now in the last week and a half. Hopefully this one that is coming will be ok. The other is fine but I'm just kinda picky.
  6. #6 Apr 7, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016

    Correct what you can do is order a new one online then take it to the store and return then repurchase with your credit. They will do this it is how I got mine on Monday. Lucked out ordering online then took it in and returned to repurchase with the gift card I had. Just check online between 7am and 1pm eastern time. I know it can be a pain to keep checking but it's worth it and you will get one that way. There are way more than 50 people statewide on wait list for this bag.
  7. Also I would suggest buying another PM if you are willing to give it another chance. There really is nothing comparable right now. Yes there is the Croisette but it's Azur, the strap is not adjustable, no pockets, with light interior which is open inside. The Croisette holds quite a bit but not as much as the PM. Croisette measures 9x7x3 structured - while the PM is a tad bigger at 9.5x8x3 less structured so expands. Love the Croisette but if it were one or the other I'd choose PM first. And looking at the look book this week there isn't much in the way of this bag coming. Good luck deciding.

  8. Do you know if it fits a full size zippy?

  9. The PM yes but you will limit the space using a full sized wallet.
  10. Thank you everyone for your replies! I truly appreciate the advice.

    I am from Toronto, Canada so maybe the Pochette Metis is particularly popular around here.

    I've looked online many many times and there is just nothing that compares to the pochette Metis. It's beautiful, practical and versatile. I'll talk to my SA tomorrow and hopefully they can put me a bit ahead on the wait list. With 50 people on the wait list I probably won't be getting it until next year.
  11. As others have already suggested you can always try again for the PM, even if it means stalking the website or waiting patiently, if you want to give it another try. If not have you looked at the Mabillon? It lacks the top handle but has an exterior pocket and can be worn cross body, not to mention it bears a passing resemblance to both the PM and Metis Hobo.
  12. Great Idea!! There's actually a YouTube comparison review on these 2 bags and the woman said she prefers the Mabillon over the PM. It's less expensive, too! :smile:
  13. I too am going to have to reglaze my bag and I have the original model. My boutique contacted LV to see if they would do it for free and all I need to do now is drop off the bag. I wonder why some people can have it reglazed while others are told it can't be done and to take a replacement instead.
  14. Hi, I've had my Pochette Metis for 10 days now, used it four times the most, and on one side the glazing already is starting to seperate from the canvas. I'm really debating what to do now. Because even if Vuitton will repair or exchange, which I assume they'll offer, I can't imagine that they would to that every couple of months. It's a shame, because in that very short time that I've had it now I really have come to love this bag!
  15. i just sent in my pochette metis 3hours ago at the store at NAC Singapore. got her late november 2015, used her about 5 times, definitely no way near 10.

    the glazing on 1 side, where the flap 'connects' to the main body of the bag has a small tear.
    the glazing around the rest of the bag is developing small bubbles.

    when my regular SA says that she will send in the bag for repair, i almost told her - that'll prolly be the last time you see me! she is now putting up a request, to either exchange for a new piece or store credit. either way, i will NOT be accepting a repair! it's ridiculous, the quality of this bag!!! :sad: