Pochette Metis Owners - Questions - bag clasp/comfort

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  1. I keep admiring this bag, but have a few questions for owners of this bag.

    Do you find it difficult to latch the clasp? When I tried it on in store, when it was on my shoulder, it seemed difficult to line up the clasp to close it. Seems like I had to struggle a bit to find the "hole". Is it just me?

    Also, does it get heavy on your shoulder/collarbone when worn cross body?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. The clasp does take some getting use to, but after a few times it's not difficult to secure. Also, I do not find that the bag gets heavy on my shoulder. It is however slightly heavier than other bags. Hope this helps. I love this bag. Good luck with your decision!
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  3. Once you're used to it (which happens quickly) you won't have any issues. I don't find this bag heavy at all - it's actually more comfortable than my speedy which IMO gets very heavy. Hope you decide to buy it!
  4. ^ agree!
    You get used to the lock quickly. I have no issues locking or unlocking the clasp wearing the PM....It is one of my favorite bags and love that you can wear it different ways. I don't find it heavy when wearing it but I don't put alot in there. Agreed, I hope you get it too!
  5. I don't find it heavy at all. I noticed that it is harder to clasp when there is nothing in the bag. When I have the bag full I don't have a problem clasping it.
  6. Thank you everyone for your input! Sounds like the clasp isn't an issue once you get used to it. I'm debating between this bag and a Chanel boy - hard decision because they are both such awesome bags.
  7. Thats a hard choice, they are both beautiful bags..I like that the PM can be carried hand held, over the shoulder and cross body. Without the strap, it makes a great evening bag. I don't think you can go wrong with either bag..

  8. I love Almost everything about this bag but If money isn't an issue I would buy chanel boy just because the thick strap seems to cut my neck when worn cross body
  9. If the Chanel Boy is an option, I'd go for that!
  10. I was going to say this exact same thing:biggrin:
  11. I lvoe mines and don't have any problems.

    I'm a cross body and shoulder strap gal anyways, so it does't feel any different from my other bags. In regards to the clasps, you'll master it in no time.

  12. This! I love this bag. It's very functional.
  13. Are you talking about the thick strap on the Metis? I am considering this bag myself but like comfort :smile:
  14. I maybe thought the clasp was something to get used to during the first day I carried mine, but it became pretty easy after that and really no big deal at all. It is a little more difficult to close it with one hand when the bag is empty, but otherwise when my things are in there, no problem at all. The Pochette Metis is one of my favorite bags. I don't find it heavy. I think it looks great and seems to be really extra-special for a cross-body bag. :smile:

  15. Yes the thick strap on the Métis Pouchette