Pochette Metis owners (or even if you're tried it on) Q for you!

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  1. Hi! I got my Pochette Metis last Thursday (will do mod shots in the clubhouse Monday) and I adore it!!!

    My question is this: is there a trick to opening it? My little round pushy thing does move easily, but only about 1 time in 5 does it actually open the bag. I have to pull or cajole it, and sometimes push it over about 5 times before it finally releases.

    I called the 866 number and they asked if I could bring it into a store to be looked at. Since I can, I will. Then, I called the local store and asked them if I was doing something wrong, and they said to bring it in also.

    From this, I'm assuming there is no "trick" and mine is just tweaked. But,I thought I'd ask you fabulous ladies if you had any thoughts for me.
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  3. I just tried mine and it is opening fine on the first try......
  4. I will say that I need to have stuff in there to be able to open and close the front flap closure. That probably doesn't help you much, but I will say that I got used to it pretty quickly, and when it's stuffed or has my things in it I pretty much squeeze the 2 round things together and it opens up, really without much effort. So maybe you should go in if you're having trouble with yours. Good luck and keep up posted.
  5. I just checked mine and it does need to have stuff in it to make it easier to open and close...otherwise you are pushing the front of the bag in on itself making it harder to push the little lock open. When I am out and about using it and it is full, I have no issues opening it.
  6. Thanks for your replies. :smile:

    This is when it's full. It's not collapsing on anything. :sad: Bummer. The ironic thing is, I'm 30 minutes away from 3 different LV shops in Dallas, but I chose to order online to get a pristine, untouched piece! Ha! I'll drive in on Monday and have them take a look. I'm going to call first and make sure they have some in stock in case it's an exchange. I'll be bummed if it's a repair instead b/c I'll have to wait even longer for it when I could have bought a good one in person. Doh!
  7. i don't have any problems stuff or empty! BUMER you probably got a defect. Take it in and make the change :smile: GL. Keep up posted.
  8. it's ok i'm sure once you go there they might even replace it on the spot
  9. Thanks-I am hoping they will replace on the spot. I do really love this bag even more than I thought I would. I'll update Monday and get my mod shots in the clubhouse for this bag.
  10. To follow up-I brought it in and it worked just fine. I think I was forcing things and when I simply and gently opened it, it worked great. Either that, or it needed a warming up period that happened to end right then and there at the LV store! I was a tad embarrassed, but oh well. Mod shots are here: