Pochette metis or speedy B25 Monogram?!

Aug 5, 2016
Hi everyone! Please help me decide between the pochette metis and bandouliere 25 in Monogram. I know that the pochette metis has glazing issues and that the bandouliere has the mismatched hardware issues.. they both look very versatile as they both can be used as a shoulder bag and a hand held bag. I'm looking for a casual, easy bag to wear for sunnier days. Can someone please give me their pros and cons about both of these bags please. Thank you!


Sep 2, 2006
United States
Don't make me pick! :panic:
They are both so amazing. But if I had to pick one...I'd go with Pochette Metis.
(sorry Speedy B...:crybaby:)

I edited to add: I'd pick the DE Speedy B over the Pochette Metis ;)
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Feb 4, 2013
I am on the speedy side. As much as I love the look of the Pochette metis and had the reverse in my hands, I just couldn't handle the flap and lock all day long. I think I must run a lot of errands and need to access my stuff frequently.
And I just love, love my speedy!
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Aug 4, 2014
I have both and whilst I love them both the Speedy is so much easier to use. You have to think carefully about what fits in PM and there is no room for anything you may pick up during the day. The Speedy is like a cavern always room for some more! Also imho the Speedy is more casual.


Oct 9, 2006
I would say both! That's a tough question! I have had Speedy B's for a few years now and love them! But I just recently got my hands on a Metis and I am in LOVE! I would say the Speedy B is an all around good bag for everyday use, as well is the Metis but the Speedy is definitely easier to get in and out of. But the Metis wears great as a crossbody bag!
I started with the 25 and it got really small fast for me.. not sure if you are heart set on the 25, but definitely check out the 30! A little more room getting in and out of the bag!


Jan 3, 2014
I had a PM reverse that was my 1st LV but it was returned cos of defect. I exchanged for something else. Whilst I loved it when I had it on reflection it just wasn't the bag for me. As much as I tried to make it work. These are some of the limitations I experienced :-

The workmanship and quality can be bit of a let down. It does fit a fair bit but this does make it look bulky on the sides and can feel like your overstretching the pocket stitches plus doesn't look flattering when wear crossbody like this. If you have a full wallet it will eat up whole front compartment. Going compact with SLG's is probaby the way to go.
The zipper at the back is the best bit. The S lock can be pain to close especially if you hold bag by the handle like me when opening and trying to close it. Have to hold the base. Its 2 hand job. Plus when I hold by the handle the long strap can be a bit stiff not very flexible to form a nice loop so that it looks better. It can kinda looks messy for me when using the handle and curl the strap around the bag. It can get heavy and uncomfortable on the shoulder for me strap being a bit stiff. But then I didn't have it long enough for it to soften.

I feel bag is more design and looks over function and durability. I wouldn't get this bag again. I'd say get a speedy b 25 if you carry a lot. It's been made for so many years is well documented on its good durability and robustness. I think ultimately you have to try a PM to see if it functions to your liking some of the limitations I had highlighted are probably not going to be yours at all. So overall It didn't work for me in the end but it may well work for you. Like It has for many ladies. Good luck they are both hard choices to make


Feb 20, 2006
If I HAD to pick one, it would be the PM, as you specifically asked about the B25, I would prefer B30..... on the other hand the glazing worries me because (this is personally for me), I dont have a store that I can get to easily if I have problems with any bag.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
I would personally go with the PM while you still have the opportunity. It does have a long history of issues, but if yours had any problems then LV will stand by its product and either offer you repairs (if possible), replacement (if there's any left), or you could always exchange for the Speedy 25B which isn't likely to be discontinued anytime soon. IMHO the "worst" thing you could do would be to pass up the opportunity and then be left wondering "what if?".


May 6, 2016
Minks4all just did an awesome video (on YouTube) for this exact question a few days ago. Super helpful and super insightful. Hope it helps you make a decision. I have both bags and love both equally!!!
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Handbags 4 Life
Jun 15, 2014
I don't have the Speedy B25 so I can't speak to any personal experience with that bag. I have the PM and I have used it now for a couple of weeks.
Some pros:
It's great as a cross body bag and it looks so gorgeous with the s-lock and gold hardware overall. Beautiful design!
I love that the strap is in canvas as opposed to Vachetta and it is adjustable and removable.
You can also position the PM against you body very comfortably. It lays nicely against my frame.
The compartments are nice for keeping everything organized.
The back zipper pocket is nice for easy access.

Now some cons:
The compartments (I mentioned were a pro) but they also do limit the space and you definitely have to downsize a lot!! If you are use to big bags like the NF and have small kids it can be quite hard to limit what you carry. I was use to NF, Totally and Delightful sizes so it can be quite a change. You can use a full size wallet but it takes the entire middle compartment.
It has 3 separate compartments but only the front two are big enough to carry more items. the back compartment is the thinnest and cannot hold very much.
The flap can be somewhat irritating to open and close constantly.

Overall, I do love the PM and would recommend it and I think I would regret not buying it because it has been so hard to find lately! The Speedy looks like it is easy access with the top zipper. But I think sometimes it's just what you get use to with various handbag styles. Hth!
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