Pochette Metis or LV Watch

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  1. So I got “the call” about my Pochette Metis (canvas). Now I’m torn what to do with credit. I love the PM in empreinte noir, but also am intrigued by the Tambour Brun watch with interchangeable straps. I tried to research watch, but there’s not a lot out there. Any watch owners? Bad experiences with PM in empreinte? Thanks! IMG_8072.jpg IMG_8090.jpg
  2. I have a Tambour (bought it in 2004 I think) and it's a great watch! I don't wear it often these days because, with my phone in hand, I don't really need a watch anymore. Good luck with your choice!
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  3. Me personally love the Pochette Metis, gorgeous color!
    I am not so much a watch person though, so I am probably not much of a help... I personally get more out of a bag than a watch.

    Good luck deciding!
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  4. Get the PM.
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  5. I would replace the PM in canvas for the empreinte noir. I think the leather is beautiful and should be quite durable. I love monogram, but decided it is just not worth the money they command. Good luck.
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  6. As both an LV and a watch enthusiast, I would suggest getting the PM. How can I put it in a nice way. Let's say LV is not known for their watches.

    However, if you like the design, go for it, but if not, I would suggest you getting a watch from other Swiss watchmaker. :smile:
  7. Thank you. I just love the look of it! Glad to know you’ve had a good experience with it.
  8. Yeah, I’m scared if I don’t go for it, I might miss my opportunity seeing it’s such a popular bag.
  9. You’re right, noir empreinte is beautiful!
  10. PM gets my vote. It’s so versatile and stylish.
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  11. This^. Get the bag.
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  12. I would get the bag.
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  13. Definitely get the bag. There are tons of other watches from numerous brands out there. Empreinte metis is unique in its own light
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  14. I would get the bag as LV is known for bags , not watches. My favorite brand for watches is omega - quality and history.
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