Pochette metis monogram mismatch pattern?

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  1. My Pochette metís Monogram arrived and I saw that the pattern is mismatched on the left side. Shall I keep it or return?

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  2. It looks fine to me, mine is like that and my last one was too. It will probably look better to you once you have your things in there.The middle flower above the tab is positioned perfectly the the bottom piece of the lock sits perfectly in between, mine is not perfectly centered in between but it locks and unlocks perfectly. If you are unsure about this with such a minor thing maybe get a different bag.
    So hard to get you would risk getting one not as good :smile:
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  3. I think it looks good- but if it bugs you exchange it.
  4. Wouldn't bother me but if it bothers you, exchange.
  5. Looks good to me. I would keep it.
  6. It looks great. Enjoy your bag!
  7. Depends if it’s a dealbreaker to you. To me a crooked lock and logo is deal breaker, possibly this too depending how bad it is in person. Everyone’s different, some things that bother me wouldn’t bother someone else whereas other things that bothered people were not an issue to me. Totally depends on you. See how it sits once you have some things in it and if it really bothers you