Pochette Metis Mono or Reverse?

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  1. I have the opportunity to get a Reverse Pochette Metis but now and wondering if I should do the classic Monogram instead. I feel the Reverse is something different and I like different. I was agents the Metis for so long b/c it seemed to be everywhere. Now I love the functionally of it and feel it would be a good item to add to my collection.

    Which would you choose and why? Regular Monogram or Reverse?


    (I do feel the Reverse doesn't photograph that well)
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  2. I chose the reverse, for the reason you mentioned...it is different from your typical monogram bag. I also like that it doesn't have any vachetta.
  3. I would choose the regular mono just because I feel the quality control wasn't very effective on these limited editions of the Pochette Métis. I've exchanged a reverse mono one with glazing issues and saw another one at the store whose glazing was also not perfect.
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  4. I have the old style PM and love it...I like the reverse mono but not sure if it's silly to have both?? Whichever you pick the pochette Metis is definitely a bag to add to your collection!
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  5. I have seen a few people say they have gotten both. Maybe you could get an emprient one when they come out.
  6. I did read about all the quality issue you had. I'm no sorry. Did you end up keeping the Reverse?
  7. I loved the reverse when it was on some of the other LE pieces months ago when it first came out. I still think it's edgy and fun, but for myself (maybe because I've had my mono PM for almost 2 1/2 yrs) I'd still pick classic monogram for this piece. I love my PM, but this past summer, and my bag was about to hit the 2 year mark I noticed where my glaze was cracking and separating!! I took it in and my wonderful SA shipped it off to be looked at and they reglazed it. Completely different looking glaze, but as so many others have mentioned in the clubhouse and elsewhere, where the strap attachments are and how it all rubs together.....it's probable going to happen. And it did to mine, but just not as quickly as to others. And when I bought my PM 2 1/2 years ago there were already others having glazing issues and I knew this and did all the stuff people were talking about looking for....of course checking the bag over thoroughly, but also the date code, some believed MIF it wasn't happening to, that if it was a certain date code then they had "fixed the problem". it's just a gamble really. So if you want "different" get the reverse, or if you think you'll be tired of the the reverse after a year or two then get the monogram. It's a fabulous bag and I have to make myself use one of my other bags usually. And by the way, both mod shots look great on you, but they look like two completely different bags on you. Both look great though:smile:
  8. Thanks for the info..I haven't seen any info of members who had both...the glazing on my pm isn't perfect but you can't tell unless you look closelyand I haven't had any glazing issues yet ....which do you like better?
  9. I wanted to, but the glazing was peeling off all around the bag, so it really wasn't possible :sad: I exchanged it for a Retiro, but I wasn't loving it, so two days ago I exchanged the Retiro for a Tuileries Besace and now I'm in love. On this same ocasion, there was another reverse mono PM at the store and it was waaaayyyy better than the one I had brought home. It seemed almost perfect. However, it had a slight peeling on a spot and I felt too afraid, after two defective LE PMs, to give it a try.
    However, one SA from the central department (where you buy over the phone) contacted me last morning and told me the regular mono had just arrived there. I had put my name on some sort of waiting list, but I wasn't very hopeful and they didn't seem to be either. She asked me if I would want to purchase it, because if I didn't they would contact the next person on the waiting list. I couldn't miss the chance, so it turns out I'll probably receive a regular mono in some days. :smile: I hope this regular mono one doesn't let me down.
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  10. I like the reverse on you, but I would get the mono PM. Good luck!
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    I love the reverse, so that is where my vote would go.

    About getting both, I'm actually debating getting all 3 so I don't think that's silly at all. I think the different prints can work with different occasions or moods or even with different accessories.
  12. Reverse, and don't be afraid just because others have had issues. I received mine this week and it's amazing! It's very different and you won't see it everywhere like the mono PM. If issues come up, LV will handle it. They look amazing on you, good luck deciding!
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  13. Mono. The reverse is kinda ehh to me to be honest
  14. Definitely reverse. I had the mono and since sold it. I got bored with it and it had glazing issues. My reverse has no glazing issues. I love it!! It's fresh and different!
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  15. I got the mono bc I needed a regular mono bag as otherwise everything else is mostly ebene in my collection.. where I live, people carry noes and neverfulls and I've only seen one PM. I guess one can have glazing issues with either and if u do, LV will help out. Which one suits your wardrobe more? If u prefer different maybe u should get the reverse? u definitely can't go wrong; the PM is a great piece to add to ones collection. Go with ur heart [emoji173]️ I think they both look great on u!
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