Pochette Metis marine rouge or monogram?

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  1. So today I went into the Louis Vuitton store where I live because I wanted to check out the Pochette Metis. I went in there because I wanted to check the Pochette Metis in monogram but sadly they didn’t have it and they said there is no waitlist because they won’t receive it. They did have the Pochette Metis in emprinte Marine rouge, the red one and a light baby pink color. I decided to try on the Marine rogue and it was love at first sight. I immediately forgot about the monogram!
    Should I get the Marine rouge or should I wait and try to get my hands on the monogram somewhere else?

    Here are a few body shots of me wearing the bag :smile: IMG_0039.jpg IMG_0042.jpg
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  2. Looks terrific on you! How could you resist? :tup: I say look no further.
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  3. Thank you for the kind words :smile:
    It was hard to walk out of the store without purchasing it but I don’t want to buy it on impulse, I want to feel really sure about it :smile:
  4. In the Marine Rouge it has a slightly sporty look compared to the Noir, so you'd want to think about the effect you're going for. Frankly I've never looked hard at the Emp PM but this is turning my head!
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  5. Walking away at first is always wise to do. I say go with the empreinte rather the canvas. I was not really a fan of empreinte but in this particular bag I love it. It is less bulky and comfortable strap appose to the canvas. And besides it looks good on you.
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  6. Agree.
    While we're on the topic, does the Emp PM weigh more than the canvas, CornishMon?
  7. I haven’t thought about the Marine rouge having a slightly sporty look but as I look closer at the 2 pictures I do think you’re right :smile:
    Originally I wanted the Pochette Metis to be an evening bag, something I can take with me which fits the essentials of a night out but as I wore the Marine rouge I realize it could work both for day with a summer dress or jeans or for evening with a lace or silk dress.
    I haven’t looked at the EMP PM before either so this is also turning my head :smile:
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  8. I think you’re right, walking away at first always wise to do especially with such a pricey bag!
    The emprinte in my opinion is going to be so easy to take care of, the SA told me that people who had the canvas have had many issues and they did repair those issues but it’s still a bit disappointing when you have to repair a bag because it doesn’t wear and tear so she told me that it’s best to go with the emprinte which is less likely to wear and tear fast (depends if you baby it or not)
    The strap was so comfortable, I couldn’t stop gushing about it! I couldn’t look at the monogram because they didn’t have it but I’ll take your word for it that the strap is more comfortable in the Marine rouge then the monogram :smile:
    Thank you for the sweet compliment :smile:
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  9. Actually the canvas is a tad heavier due to the micro fiber lining to me. The empreinte was surprisingly light. Not to mention the strap being a ton more comfortable than the canvas strap with the Monogram. Also I think the Empreinte PM is more versatile because the Monogram to me was only good with casual clothes or a pant suit.
  10. I would definitely choose the marine rouge empreinte. I just switched to my Speedy in that color and love it. It looks great on you! I have a reverse pm and so far no problems, but am keeping an eye on it. Given the issues with canvas I think the empreinte is a safer choice.
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  11. Just out of curiosity, did you have the older style canvas PM? I use to read that the OM had thicker canvas and the strap was terribly uncomfortable. But, I have the NM and I actually thought the canvas strap felt pretty comfortable. It only hurt my shoulder if I put one too many things in it.
  12. The Marine Rouge looks terrific on you! It looks like it matches your style in that color and fits on your frame proportionally. But, yes it's definitely a good idea to be sure about it before purchasing. I had to choose between the mono (I requested to be put on the waitlist) and Empreinte at the time and I choose the mono. But, I was really in love with the canvas! Maybe it's better that you only saw the Empreinte because you can't really go wrong with that one either.
  13. No ma'am I had the new model. That is the thing the strap is still comfortable no matter what i have inside. I have to admit the PM in leather is a much more comfortable bag to me.
  14. Did you wear it very often? Maybe because I wore mine almost everyday and the canvas started to soften a bit more. And I'm really thin so I'm surprised that the strap didn't dig into my shoulder too. It sounds like it worked out much better for you with leather version. I really like the strap on my Empreinte Blanche BB too. It's very comfortable!
  15. To contribute to this conversation I want to say that I also found the emprinte Surprisingly light and I think you’re right when you saythat the monogram is a tad heavier due to the micro fiber lining, it makes sense! :smile:
    The strap on the emprinte felt almost like a very light silk! I was very surprised :smile:
    I think it’s important for a bag to be stylish and comfortable!
    When I’ve seen the monogram in pictures I’ve seen people wearing it with casual clothes not so much with dressy and the reason why I want a Pochette Metis in the first place is because I want to wear it mostly for evening so the emprinte leather is a good choice for me :smile:
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