POCHETTE MÉTIS made in Italy?

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  1. Got POCHETTE MÉTIS by mail yesterday! Truly love the bag! I ordered on us.louisvuitton.com last week.

    I saw all the PM post their bags were made in France. My bag code shows it was made in Italy on the 15th week of 2016. Are they open a new PM factory in Italy? Where is your PM made from?

    Since I heard someone got the fake/return bag from the boutique. Do I need to suspect the bag authentication? Does anyone else has the PM bag made in Italy?

    Thank you!:heart::heart:
  2. LV has started production some of permanent line of bags in Italy for while. I seen people here and youtube have gotten Speedy bandouliere made in Italy from last year.
  3. I would love something from Italy!! (The only European country I've been too, but I absolutely loved it there[emoji170][emoji173]️[emoji171]) I don't think there is any reason to consider it suspect. I honestly wouldn't second guess anything ordered from LV. I think sometimes TPF causes a lot of paranoia lol - just my opinion, no drama please [emoji4]. They are so far back ordered, they probably needed another place to make them to keep up with demand. Use it, love it, it is one of my favorites that I have!
  4. Usually, most bags made in Italy are limited releases and runway shows. There are also a few permanent items made in Italy. It's not from a "PM factory" :P... just regular LV factory in Italy. There is such demand for this bag that it is not surprising Louis Vuitton is getting more of its factories to make it to catch up.
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  5. I bought my alma bb in fuschia in March from the LV boutique and didn't even remember to look at the date code and made in stamp while at the store. When I went home I was surprised to find that the bag was made in Italy on the 3rd week of 2016. I was so happy and it made the bag extra special as all my other bags are MIF ☺️
  6. The pochette metis that I picked up at the store last week is also Made in Italy. This is my first Made in Italy piece, the rest of my LVs are Made in France (not purposely). I understand that quality wise, it should not really matter where the piece is made, but are Made in Italy LVs more hard to come by, making them a bit more "special"?
  7. It’s only special to those who care. :lol: There is nothing tangibly different between bags made in France, Italy, Spain, or the United States. Some people have a preference but it’s totally subjective.
  8. I live in Italy, I'm Italian and my PM is made in Italy too! It's the only LV piece made in Italy I have: my Speedy 35 DA is made in France, as well as my Neverfull 30 DE, my Pochette MM in mono and my key holder in DE. I also own a piece made in Spain and it's the Rosalie coin purse in mono. The quality is the same, always gorgeous in my opinion, I don't see any difference; anyway, if I can choose, I prefer LV items made in France just because it's a French brand but, at least, who cares? I mean, they are awesome goodies and that's the most important thing.
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