Pochette Metis - Is this faulty or general wear and tear!

  1. Hello,

    Please help.

    I’ve had my bag for about 9 months. I used it for weekends and took it on holidays with me. I recently noticed where the flap opens and closes the glazing is chipped off/cracking.

    I’m not sure if I should contact LV or is this just general wear and tear?

    I am very careful with my bag and I do baby it. IMG_0826.jpg IMG_0827.jpg IMG_0828.jpg
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    I can't see anything in your pics. Two pics are sort of blurry. You can take the bag in and ask them to review it. They will either exchange the item, offer you a credit, or repair it. Good luck!
  3. She is showing cracking on the spot where the flap bends
  4. Mine was 1 year old and I had the same issue with the glazing peeling. I brought it in and the SA saw several small cracks that I had not noticed. I was offered store credit/exchange on the spot. Good luck!
  5. Is this the glazing or the actual canvas. If it’s the canvas, I would get to LV as soon as possible.
  6. It’s the glazing. I’ll take it in to LV and I’ll see what they say.
    Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. its a common mono problem, I already exchanged two.
  8. Did they exchange it straight away?
  9. I took the bag in and they offered to reglaze it.
    I am hoping it won’t come back after the repair.
  10. Mines had multiple cracks in the canvas, so it wasn't even questionable.
  11. Ugh, that's really frustrating - let us know what they say!
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  12. I had one. Bought it 2013. I barely used the bag and when I finally took it out again in February, I noticed all the glazing was melting! I thought maybe because it was hot in my car but there was no melted glaze on my seat. Took it to LV right away and they offered to reglaze complimentary. It took 6-7 weeks. When I got the bag back, there was a huge mark on the front of the bag. It looked like they spilled glaze on it and tried to wipe it off. They sent my bag back to repair. Two weeks later LV called me saying they can’t repair my bag and offered an exchange or store credit. I opted for store credit because I didn’t want to have the same problem in the future. I used my store credit to get a Clapton PM in Magnolia
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    I finally received my bag back. I felt like the repair did not fix it properly.
    I am looking at my bag now and I just noticed that on my lock there are scratches on the knob that you pull to unlock the bag. Its like its been pulled over hard surfaces or dropped. IMG_1526560810.465506.jpg

    I am not sure if you can see it because of the reflection, it was hard to capture.

    I know I had hair line scratches on it but I am 100% sure that knob wasn’t done by me as I have not used it since I gotten it back. I am so disappointed.

    What do you think they will say, since I didn’t pick it up in the store and I didn’t even think to look at that. Should I just let it go, or should I just call up and say something to them first or go to the store?
  14. If the alignment of the canvas look good, I wouldn’t let it go but that’s just me.
  15. The bag just came back from repair and the lock is scratched. It’s not a new bag. OP is asking if she should say something about the scratches.
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