Pochette Metis: is it available easily in France/Belgium/Europe ?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I keep hearing (but then particularly from people in the US) that the Pochette Metis is still available but that it is on order only and that it can take months to get it.
    Do anybody know if that's the case in France/ Belgium as well (I can shop in both countries), and is the waiting time long? I'd love to get one for September. It's still on the French website but there is no info on stock/availability.

  2. OK answering my own question in case it's helpful for somebody else on here: you have to order the bag in store, and pay for it immediately upon ordering. The SA told me that the waiting is a few weeks but is variable and she can't give an exact estimate.
    I'm waiting from the online customer service's reply on if this is different/faster with online ordering in France.
  3. Did you get a reply from customer service? I'd like to know if faster with online order in France?
  4. They told me 4 to 6 weeks as well.
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  5. Thank you for prompt replied ;)