Pochette Metis Infrarouge and buying in the USA from UK


Mar 4, 2016
Hi all
Hoping someone can help me. I desperately want the Pochette Metis Infrarouge. I live in the UK where it is not available, but I will be travelling to Orlando in four weeks. Does anyone know if these are fairly readily available or how do I order? Does anyone have any contact details preferably email for the the orlando Millenia Mall boutique? I will happily pay a deposit or full price over the phone to ensure it is available for me. People who have the Infrarouge can I ask where it was made? I really want a Made in USA as something different in my collection, I know against the general trend of wanting Made in France but we have those here!
Also I feel for you guys in the USA when I have realised how much more expensive LV is over there. Some of the prices were a couple of hundred pounds more + sales tax :sad: So for me it has to be the Infrarouge to justify a purchase as I can't get it in the UK! Does anyone know if I can claim back tax when buying in the USA, in a similar way people from the USA can claim the VAT when shopping in the UK?
Thank you so much for your help :smile: