Pochette Metis in MONOGRAM or Cerise Red

  1. Help me decide please between the mono or red this will be a Christmas gift to myself :smile:
  2. I love and have the monogram, but they are just so hard to find these days! I’d definitely say the mono, if you can get your hands on it!
  3. Empreinte!!! The leather is beautiful and has fewer known issues than the mono version.
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  4. I just came from lv store right now and tried the cerise, and since it's cerise and not real red it's not for me. I personally don't love it and I'm a totally red person, I have tons of red shoes. Well, now I'm on the waiting list crossing my fingers. Good luck with your choice!
  5. Am going to be zero help. I have a Reverse Mono and a Cherry (which I think is what the USA is calling Cerise) and I love them both.
  6. Red! I love my Noir one.
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  7. Monogram! I am eyeing the metis in monogram.
  8. I agree, it's not a true red like the Cerise a few years ago. I love my mono.
  9. mono. i am just not a fan of empreinte and the way it ages. i think pm looks great in mono.
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  10. Definitely , the Monogram .
  11. MONO!!!
    I’ve seen all the PM colours and styles...
    But there’s just something about the Monogramm, which looks the best and makes it more classy! ;)
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  12. Empreinte. Love.
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  13. I have the red and it’s fab so easy to wear.’n
  14. In that style - Mono
  15. I would opt for the Ceries red!