Pochette metis in EU - monogram

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  1. Congrats! I spotted it online but by the time I had I was too late! Hopefully I’ll get it next time
  2. Girls! I just bought the PM Monogram on the EU site a few minutes ago! I see them getting restocked constantly tonight. Goodluck xx
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  3. Now online on the EU site. PM Mono!
  4. There is one online now! Good luck!
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  5. Looks like a PM Mono invasion! Online now!
  6. Oh nooo, totally missed this. And is it on the eu.louisvuitton website or the en.louisvuitton?
  7. I bought a mono pm today on the eu website around 12:30! ( after refreshing the page for over an hour )
    Yesterday I saw one online at 13:00 and also at 22:00 (which were out of stock again within a minute). So apparently they are being restocked frequently. My advice: refresh refresh refresh the page :smile:
  8. I live in the Netherlands and the LV website says i have to go to the eN.louisvuitton.com website. Is all the new stock on the eU.louisvuitton.com website or is the stock on both sites the same? For instance i see the Neonoe on the en. website and not on the eu. website, so i’m guessing these are two different websites? I hope you understand what i mean.
  9. I thougt I was on the eu website bit appears it was the en website. I am also in The Netherlands. Goodluck on your hunt
  10. From which country? I am trying from LV Deutschland site but is always sold out :sad:
    I am refreshing site 4-5 time everyday.
    Does anyone now where is bag available in EU??? Thank youuuuu
  11. Congrats!!
  12. Strange, first I was on the EU website but I see my wishlist (when I'm logged in) is on the EN website now.
  13. I saw one again this morning and put it in my bag but when I filled in all my details it was gone :sad:
  14. Online now! I also managed to order one :smile:
  15. Congrats!!
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