Pochette metis in EU - monogram

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  1. Many stores still say they are not open for reservations still.
  2. I’m also in the UK - on our website here it says out of stock - call for availability- I called the number it says there the other day, and they told me that I can pay for one over the phone and it will be shipped to me within 2 weeks. I don’t know if it’s the same for your website but if so it may be worth trying that as the lady I spoke to said they get a number of weekly slots for it they can sell ove the phone?! I’ve had my invoice from them emailed so now it’s the long two weeks wait for the a bag and hoping it arrives with no issues!!
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  3. Lucky! Were they able to put you on the waitlist straight away? I called yesterday and they said they have no room on their waitlist at the moment :sad:
  4. Call back again, I managed to get one after being put on the waitlist within 5 days. Although I had to pay the full price.
  5. Yes! I had called a few times previous to that also and got offered the option every time! It was for the normal mono not the reverse so don’t know if that makes a difference?? But I was basically told if I pay for it over the phone I would have it within 2 weeks, and I did! One of the most helpful ones I spoke to was a guy called Michael so I don’t know if it’s worth calling again and asking for him? This was on the 25/9.
    Which were you after?
  6. Thanks for your reply! I actually got a phone call from them yesterday saying they have a spot on the waitlist yay! Was so surprised they called back so soon. I put a deposit down for the PM mono, they said they will have it shipped out within 1-3 weeks! So happy yay! I live in Australia though so it will be a while till I get hold of it !
  7. Yay! I’m so pleased you managed to get one on it’s way to you!
  8. Thank you :smile:!
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  9. Hi, I've been searching for the pochette metis for a while now but unfortunately I'ts mission impossible. I'm in the Netherlands and have been calling the store, walk in every month and also stalking online.. Managed to get a mini PA and round coin purse online the past months, didn't have any luck with them in the store so was happy to find them online. Stalking the website around 10 times a day the past months!!! but no Pochette Metis. Does anybody know if they are still available in Europe, Netherlands? And did anybody see it online?
    I was in Saint Tropez 2017 and saw it, tried it, but it was on reservation so could't buy it and haven't seen it since...
    Thank you for taking time to read this
  10. Try taking a trip to Paris. I bet they have it there. :smile:
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  11. I’m from the Netherlands too. It seems like the pochette metis is mono never hits the store floor (they are often on hold for clients if they do get a delivery in). Have you tried the Rotterdam store? Maybe they can put you on a reservation list as the store is newly opened.
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  12. Thank you, will not be there untill the summer.. Hope to have the metis before!
  13. Thanks! Haven't been there yet. Do they have waitinglists in Rotterdam? In Amsterdam they don't.
  14. I’m not sure, they seem quite inconsistent at the moment. At one store you can order items and at another you can’t.
    I was thinking that the SA’s in Rotterdam will most likely not have regular customers yet which could increase the chances of one hitting the shop floor.
  15. Little update :smile: Can't believe it! Found the metis online today! Feel like I won the lottery! Haha