Pochette metis in EU - monogram

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  1. So im just wondering, is this bag still super-hard to find in stores? I thought the hype might have ended by now, but seems like im wrong.

    I have been wanting it since last year, but it just seems like that the store never get it in stock anymore! I shop from the LV store in Vienna, Austria. So i just wanted to ask if the situation is similar other places in EU, are the waiting lists still long, and is it even possible to buy it from the shop??

    I would like any input on this! NB im not interested to buy the bag online/instagram stores.
  2. I popped in in Milan and it was there... and it came home with me. My SA told me the regular mono is not that hard to obtain, the reverse is harder to get.
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  3. My friend was able to buy it in Paris in January, at the new boutique on Place Vendôme.
  4. I asked in one of the store in Rome and they said I will need to order but don't know how long it will take
  5. It seems to strongly depend on the location. I posted a similar question in the German Vuitton Club as I have been trying to get a PM in Monogram since last summer. The waitlist in my store is closed and even if a spot gets free my SA needs to be real fast to get me on the list... just frustrating

    @lwn thank you for the information. I’m planning to go to Paris in May, hopefully I will be lucky as well
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  6. I was at the Stockholm store a few weeks ago. My SA there told me that they received 1 Pochette Metis in that morning - but that there was a lineup outside their door before opening, and the 1 bag was sold right away. She said they get daily deliveries, and because customers know that - they line up outside the store before opening.

    I was there to get a Pochette Accessories - which I managed to do. They had received 3 of the monogram PA that morning -and by noon, I had bought the last one.
  7. Omg Lucky YOU!!!
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  8. Thank you for the reply guys! Im getting hopeful, I will try to call the store again and see, how is it with reservation at your place guys? Every time i call the Vienna shop, theyre always telling me they dont do any reservations :/
  9. I bought it in papyrus last week and my friend was interested in the mono one. but the store in Zurich said they are not able to order it anymore, apparently over 200 people waiting for it. good luck that you find it! :smile:
  10. I was very lucky, indeed! I went to the store in late January to check if another piece I ordered was arrived, and asked my SA, just to chat, if they had a PM in stock. I was prepared to a negative answer, but my SA checked and they had one. She told me they arrive not so often but regularly.
    She did not mention any waitlist.

    I must say that the Montenapoleone store in Milan is the best served: they get daily shipments and usually are the first to obtain the new pieces and LEs.
    Not sure how the Vienna store works, if you have the chance you might try in different stores.

    Good luck in your quest!

  11. Thats incredible! May i know who your SA is? If i dont find the bag here by summer, I def wont mind going to Milan for it! :smile:
  12. I sent you a PM. :smile:
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  13. I am in the waiting list for mono in Lausanne, Switzerland store from early Jan. My SA said they were 15 ppl but 3 bags are coming so left 12 ppl. I don’t know the status now. As it’s a smaller store compare to geneva or zurich, it might not get as much shipment though
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  14. The store in Vienna is actually HUGE. But since summer last year, they have always been out of stock when it comes to popular bags (i.e SLG, favorite and even the agendas). Plus, there are always so many tourists coming, and swiping the store. I hope you get yours soon though :smile: Good luck!
  15. I guess there is no wait list in Stockholm then?