Pochette Metis glazing repair

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  1. Has anyone had your glazing repaired on this bag?? If so how has it held up with use? Mine is starting to lift a bit and my SA told me to send it in and they will look and possibly reglaze for free.

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  2. In the pochette metis clubhouse thread a number of people have gotten it repaired (reglazed). I know some people said that their pm came back with a flatter glazing but I don't know if they had any further issues afterwards. You can also check on youtube, their are a number of lv youtubers who vlogged about their pm glazing repair.

  3. Thank you! It just seems like it will be an issue over and over again. I have used it for about 2 months and the glaze is already lifting and I am very careful and baby my bags :sad: I have heard that a bag can only be reglazed so many times.

  4. Yea or they give you a new one but im sure the same issue is going to happen again. Idk if its due to the hardware on the strap or the opening and closing of the flap but I (for protection and testing purposes) put some extremely soft covers on the hardware that rubs on the flap.


    It looks funny but i dont care

    Here's a pic when im carrying it
  5. It's not that noticeable, especially with the scarf tied around the handle. I love the way your scarf looks btw :smile: Thanks for the pictures. I also believe it is from the hardware rubbing because that is the exact spot on both sides that is starting to almost wear away or wear down. Hopefully the material will help or at least slow things down!

  6. Thanks!