Pochette Metis *Empreinte* Quality Issues?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    so I fell in love with the empreinte pochette metis in noir. I have heard about all of the issues with the monogram versions and I am wondering if these problems also exist for the empreinte version? what should I look out for? is it only certain date codes that would have problems for empreinte?
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I have had my Pochette Métis in Noir for about 6 months. I used it daily (switched over to a different bag now) and have no issues. Leather is holding up beautifully, no color transfer, stitching is good, hardware looks nice save for some light scratching at the clasp from use. I can’t comment on other things to look out for as the bag was a gift so I didn’t personally speak with anyone else/do research on other issues.
  3. I bought my Empreinte PM in Noir in 2017, it is my go to weekend bag. Has held up beautifully and no issues. Only signs of wear is slight scratching on clasp.
  4. I have one in Noir and no issues whatsoever. I absolutely love it and surprised that it doesn't sell as much, prob due to the hype of the canvas style. It's like I discovered a secret hidden gem that no-one knows about - Hehe. I bought it purposely for a few reasons which others may have mentioned from other threads...
    1. The canvas styles are seen everywhere. 2.Empreinte is such a tough material in the style and almost impossible to scratch. 3. I was aware of the problems associated with the canvas styles. (Seen people show up to LV, while I was shopping there, handing over their damaged canvas pochette metis.) This did open up my eyes and I didn't want the hassle.
    Hope this helps. xx
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  5. Glad to hear none of you have experienced issues. I think this might be the perfect bag for me, I love crossbody but find my speedy B 30 a bit too big for me on the daily, I am only 5' and I don't carry much with me. Ugh now I just have to convince my partner that I should save up for one on a university student budget lol! :P
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  6. I purchased a pouchette Matis in the empreinte leather in 2017. I have never used it. I store my bags in the dust covers as recommended. I took it out today and noticed all kinds of areas on the edges that looked misshaped, thick and thin in areas. I noticed peeling in the center of one of the embossed flowers. I thought there was flecks of dust on the top handle near the end. I tried to gently brush it off and it wasn’t dust. I believe it to be peeling. I called LV and I am going to take it in along with my SL, pebbled leather steamer, speedy 25 in the raisin color, a monogram wallet that has never been used. I’m going to post a few pictures of the PM and let me know think. IMG_2111.JPG IMG_2111.JPG IMG_2115.JPG IMG_2114.JPG IMG_2113.JPG IMG_2112.JPG

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  7. There’s nothing wrong with your piece. If you purchased it in 2017 and never used it, this is not the way to get a store credit for items you obviously don’t have a need for...sell them to fashionphile or another online vendor instead of inventing issues that don’t exist.
  8. It looks like regular glazing - not perfect but not peeling, to me. You should use it and enjoy it!
  9. I adore my PM noir. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. I don't have to worry when it rains, I really do not have to baby it at all. Still looks new after almost a year of use! I think it is the most underrated of all of the PMs.
  10. Who said anything about not wanting my bag???? All I was asking is if the edges were thick in some areas and not in others. Was concerned with the one flower where it is light and has no color. All I did was ask for thoughts and do not appreciate any accusations that I’m trying to get a new bag.
  11. And the other 5 pieces that you listed that you were taking in? Just out of curiosity, What are the “defects” of all those pieces?
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  13. Your bag looks good. I haven't heard of any PM issues in the empreinte other than embossed logo flattening out a bit over time. But that's with empreinte in general and not considered a defect.

    Enjoy your piece. :heart::heart::heart:
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  14. Your glazing looks okay to me. It doesn’t hurt to let LV inspect it for you since you’re taking other items with you. Glazing usually start getting sticky before melting. I wouldn’t worry about it as LV will take care of you if that happens to your bag at any time.
  15. I received a call from LV asking if I had any issues with my soft lockit. I said no. I was having a conversation with customer service and had a normal conversation about so my issues with several different styles and leather vs canvas. She mentioned the PM, SL, and the speedy, had problems with glazing and sticky handles. I told her I was going into the boutique next week and thought I would just take my beloved bags in for inspection. I spend a fortune on my bags as many do, and it is better to be proactive than not. The PM that I was concerned with, may not have a glazing issue that others were kind enough to say that it may not be the best job, but not faulty. The center of one of the flowers has a white spot in the middle that was not there when I purchased it. I just want to make sure it is not peeling. I’m sure you can’t fault me for having it looked at. I’m sure there are those who have gone into get new bags, but I in no way stated that was my intention. All I wanted was the thoughts on my photos and comments. You basically and unnecessarily accused me of wanting a new bag. I am just protecting my investment.