Pochette metis deformed ?

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  1. Hi ladies , since i don't get much respond on the pochette metis club regarding this matter now here i am creating this thread with hope more of you can help me with your opinions.
    So i was on the waiting list for only 1week ( in bangkok , Thailand ) , finally the bag came.
    All looks good at the shop but when i took it home i've noticed the front compartment , the right and left side is not even , someone on the pochette metis club said looks like it's deformed.
    But if i tried to flatten it up , it's even on both side.
    I hope u guys understand what i mean, english is my second langguage .
    Any of you have the same problem ? What should i do ? Is it normal ? Or do i have to exchange it? Any deformed problem with another bag ?
    Thank you.

  2. I'm not a specialist on metis but this looks pretty wrong. On the other hand I have some experience with LV aftersales - they will probably say it's totally fine, it's handmade and so on. Go to LV and claim that and please write what they said. I'm really curious. Good luck. :smile: metis was a good choice anyway. The bag looks hot.
  3. The side would bother me so much, I would say take it back and ask for a different one! Although have you tried maybe stuffing it with paper? It might just need to be shaped into place.
  4. That looked totally odd on the right side. Especially the curve at the corner . You should go back to LV and compare to another piece if they have any in stock? I collected my pochette metis in January and noticed the bottom of the front compartment was bent and told the SA. She was hesitant to show me a 2nd piece and told me it's natural like that. What a joke. So I insisted for another PM (meant for another customer on waitlist) and took that home.

    Good luck!

  5. Well it won't hurt to ask , so i will be taking it back to LV tommorow :smile:

    I know ! It bother me too .
    No i haven't try to stuff it with paper , but it will take a while i think.

    Thanks ! I will bring it back in tommorow :smile:
  6. More pictures -
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459161167.484800.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459161190.473188.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459161215.091601.jpg
  7. Take it back and exchange it. Obviously.

  8. So u think it's not normal too , right ?
  9. That would bother me, it's a totally different shape on the right side. I would definitely take it back.

    Let us know what they say and good luck!
  10. Exchange! LV is about symmetry and precision and this is not it... They will gladly exchange this for you!
  11. Yep! Looks pretty wrong to me!

    The bag shouldn't look like this!
    Take it back!

    ....I hope they don't make this bag "in a hurry" these days just because there's such high demand. Would be a shame!
  12. Not normal indeed. That would bother me.
  13. It's not the same shape. That would bug me as its such a lovely bag. Good luck exchanging it!
  14. Honestly you shouldn't even try to put it in shape. Its a f* new and expensive bag. LV should care to please you. But they're so ignorant.
  15. How in the world did this one make it through quality control :confused1: OP, I would take it back. Please let us know what their response is!