Pochette Métis compartment overstuffing

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  1. Hi all! I had my heart set on the Pochette Métis empreinte in black until I saw this photo on Instagram It appears to look so wonky when full and I don’t want to be worried about how my bag looks when I carry a lot of stuff. Do you have this problem with your PM or this bag just absurdly overstuffed? Thanks!

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  2. Mine has never looked like that. I can't imagine what that person stuffed in there lol. Though I feel like some people try to cram far too much in a smaller bag just to say they can fit it in there.

    I carry a cles and rosalie in the front pocket, my mouse coin pouch, pocket organizer in the middle and reciepts and grocery list in the slim pocket. I have a ton of room left over and when I went on vacation I had my passport, boarding passes, hand cream, vitamins, phone, lip balm, and a few other tid bits and it still wasn't over stuffed.

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  3. Thank you for the photo!!
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  4. Gee, what did she put in there? A bear?
  5. Obviously she is smuggling guinea pigs with that bag.
  6. You're welcome!
  7. Mine has never flared out like that. Granted, I pack mostly flat things into it. Wallet, phone, mini pochette, sunglasses... nothing too bulky or round. Here are photos of mine and I had it stuffed to the brim in these so much so that it was hard to clip shut! Plus, the empriente has more give to the material since it is leather. So it’ll stretch out before it puffs out like that.
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  8. Well maybe that person had too much to carry throughout the day and did not want to put her items in a shopping bag. When I carry my PM during the day, I'm already cognizant that I won't be carrying too much.

    Overstuffing is a personal choice. You really can't fit that much in a PM.
  9. Here’s what mine looks like with this much stuff inside. This is as much as I’ll carry during the weekday. I don’t think mine is that flared out. You should be ok

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