Pochette Metis becoming much more available

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  1. After trying to help my wife find a Pochette Metis this will most likely be my last post now that's she found one. Long story short she's been looking for one for nearly a year and we've been to LV stores all over the world while on vacation and not one could be found and most stores told her it was nearly impossible.

    A month or so ago a sales associate here in California where we live told us that they expect more of these PM's to become available during the holidays. Sure enough she called us twice in the last 2 weeks telling us she's had two different bags come in and that my wife's name name on her list was getting closer.

    Then a few days ago we were doing our routine checking of the LV web site and out of nowhere a PM became available. 3 days later and it's all her's. For those of you still looking/waiting, I think it's safe to say the PM are becoming more available now. Don't give up!
    IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6240.JPG
  2. Congrats, looking good!
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  3. aww and big congrats to her.
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  4. sweet!
  5. What a nice husband to be so engaged in your wife's quest for the PM- you sound like a keeper to me! And congratulations on finding the bag- she will love it!
  6. Congrats on the new PM, love one in the classic monogram :smile:
  7. So how many PMs did you guys end up getting? I got the one in mono. I have a special love for all things monogram. But noticed, reverse popping up everywhere too. True. Magic only happens during holiday season.

    Happy holidays.
  8. I have seen mono available on the website many times in the last few days but no luck on reverse. Hope to get one. Anyone got one lately?
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  9. I got one online December 1st.
  10. you are such a nice husband to make the effort in hunting down this bag with your wife!
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  11. I got one in my store on Nov 18. It had been made that same week and they got it that day. Also on the same, I made CS look (Bc they said there are none) and they found one for me at another store, too (for a friend). If online isn’t working definitely call CS and make them check stores.
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  12. "I got one in my store on Nov 18. It had been made that same week and they got it that day"

    How can you tell a manufacture date? Is it dated stamped somewhere?
  13. Where I live i see a lot of PM in mono and reverse available in preloved in a very good condition and the price is very reasonable. I even know a private seller trying to dispose a 2 PM in mono and a reverse. anyhow, Congratulations! :smile:
  14. They are date stamped in the zip pocket.
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    Took a bit to figure out that code when I was looking for an actual date. Week of Oct. 1, 2018, now's she's bummed it was made in the US and not France!