Pochette Métis (2019) quality issues

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  1. Hi,

    I wonder, have you ever had a feeling that the quality of Pochette Métis (monogram) made in France is not exactly as you would expect considering the price and the brand. I got mine via pre sale directly from LV and first one I received was unacceptable due to quality issues. It looked like a second quality product. The second one I got it’s better but still they couldn’t make the both corners same! Left one is nice and rounded and the right one is like kind of straight. Also I checked a top handle style of

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  2. Sorry, what is a Pre sale?
  3. You call for availability, if there’s place on the list they put you on it but you have to pay straight away. Then in up to 6 weeks your bag will be send to your address.
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  4. Do you mean a preorder?
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  5. Yes, pre order.
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  6. The bottom corners are almost all wonky like that. The handle is definitely a light impression. I'm pretty picky, so I can understand if it bothers you. Return if it doesn't make you happy and get another one. I think these bags usually look better in leather.
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  7. Agree with @KimTX. Corners will be slightly wonky since it's handmade.
    Tbh, I think that a lot of my MIU is slightly better quality than my MIF items!

    I definitely think if it drives you crazy then I would try to exchange it for another one. The difficulty in online ordering is you get what you get...You could possibly receive another one with a different flaw. Is there a local boutique that you can have the PM sent to and inspect there?

    I'm picky about wanting new items to look immaculate too so the mark on the handle would probably bother me. Good luck with your search.
  8. I personally would have taken the bag in the above pictures. But that's just me. ;) ~ XOXO
  9. I would never expect a good Pochette Metis considering the number of documented problems with the bag.

    That said, I think the one in the pics is fine.
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  10. Ack- I didn't notice the marks on the handle b/c I was focused on the lettering, but now I do and that would for sure push me to return. But as I said, I'm picky with my luxe bags. And the good news is, someone else, like some of the people replying here, would be happy with it and the company is not losing money. It's a win-win. You get the bag you want, and someone else will get and love this bag.
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  11. I acquired this bag in the Reverse and the corners were similar to the one you have, however they look 100 times better after I used it a few times - as if the canvas “relaxed” a bit once I put some weight into the bag.
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  12. I just bought one last Thursday and didn't any issues. I will check again when I get home, however, mines is MIU.
  13. My Pochette Metis is just fine. We may only be reading a "few" of the flaws listed here on TPF when there have been millions of this bag produced. My friend also has the mono PM, reverse and Empriente and all of her bags are fine as well.
  14. True, and it's all about personal preference and comfort levels I've noticed on TPF. I do want my luxury items too look perfect when I initially buy them or acceptable in my eyes. But, everyone is different. I don't usually post "flaws" on TPF because if I'm not happy with it then I don't need confirmation from anyone but me.
  15. My Pochette Métis was purchased on November 18, 2018 and I haven't really noticed anything wrong with it and thankfully I haven't had any glazing issues. If the bag came with the mark on the top handle and the uneven corners - I would most definitely exchange it for a new one or return it, whichever your store will allow.
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