Pochette materials...

  1. I'd like to know the pochette damier azur materials.
    In the website I found this informations:
    "Damier azur canvas, natural cowhide trimmings, textile lining, golden brass pieces".
    But the pochette (that I've got in Paris a few of days ago) has a plastic smell!! Is just my immagination or is the reality???
    Help me please!!!Thank you in advance!!:smile:
  2. Vuitton canvases (except for lines such as Antigua, Damier Geant, Trianon Canvas) are PVC coated, so it's plastic....
  3. If you think about it it's not that bad... I bought a beautifull leather bag a few months ago and the leather is all scratched! At least the pvc coat makes the canvas a lot more durable...
  4. deffinatly, i dread to think what my bags would look like if they werent PVC coated

    hooray for Polyvinyl chloride!
  5. you won't really smell the leather unless you got a leather bag or the lining is leather. what you smell is correct - the coating on the canvas. the textile lining doesn't really have a smell, so it carries the outer smell inside too. lol.
  6. Ehh... I wouldn't worry about it. ;)
  7. Yeah, it goes away on its own after use. I actually like that smell because it reminds me of new bags lol.
  8. I love Vuitton because I think that is "the luggage", "the bag" so it's strange to discover this: I was sure to buy a leather bag!!

    Also, I bought my pochette after I bought a Chloe Paddington that has a strong smell of leather (very good smooshy leather :drool: ).
    But no matter!! I love LV still!!! I can't stop to appreciate LV bags and I love mine more and more :love:!! I think his design and his elegance are unique in the world!!

    Thank you!!