Pochette Marelle

  1. Hi girls! :smile:
    After a while I'm back on the net!!!
    I'm curious to hear from you about the Pochette Marelle, what do you think about? Do you have it? Thanks for your opinions :heart:
  2. Hi!

    I was actually thinking about getting the same pouchette.. I wanted to hear some opinions on it too.. It looks like a fanastic bag that can go from day to night..
    I'm having trouvle deciding on a bag and this is one of my options
  3. Hi Alice,

    I think Pochette Marelle is very cute and feminine. Sandra has this pochette and looks so pretty on her. Are you thinking on getting this bag??
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Ciao Alice! come va?:flowers:

    i remember stefyp has one, she's little small but so cute!
  6. Super cute!
  7. I saw her photo too and thought it was so cute on her!! But from the website I've read that it can be wornt two ways but not under the arm, it seems like a good deal, the price is not too high and you can wear it in so many ways!! I don't want to wear it on my hips anyway!
    Thanks ladies :smile:
  8. I have this bag. It's really cute, however the buckles make it a little hard to get into.
  9. I LOVE it! One of my favorite handbags in the whole mono range!
  10. this is one of my favorite clutches. the buckles can get a bit tedious, but if you just leave them out of the loops, they won't look so bad

    and thanks for digging those photos out Nita :biggrin:!
  11. I love the pochette marelle too! It's in my wish list. It just looks so classy!
  12. Hi girls, thanks for your comments!!! :yahoo:
    Apart from the good price (if you think you can use it 3 ways) I think it's also one of the model you don't see often! Where I live I saw a lot of Speedy, some Sac Plat, other 2/3 models and stop. Also, if you try to look on ebay or google (I was looking for more photos) you can't see fake of it, just a couple, if you compare with other bags...
    I'm just worring that maybe I'm not going to match it well with my cloths: do you think this bag could be ok with which kind of cloths? Thanks :smile:
  13. Gooorgeous /classic and Efficient bag :heart: go 4 it =)
  14. It looks very cute and classy. :yes:
  15. It's cute, I like it most of all as a clutch !